How should I go about trying to sell this painting?
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How do I sell a piece of artwork that was painted on a vinyl couch (and has now been cut off)?

I have seen the old threads similar to this, but the circumstances here are a bit different.

My old apartment had a huge patio, which contained a lot of junk the other tenants had left behind. One piece of junk was an old vinyl couch - sort of like a booth you'd see in a dive bar. On this couch was a painting, done by Marco (it's not signed, but it's very obvious - he has a distinct style and is well-connected to the Lower East Side of NYC). When I moved, I cut the vinyl off the couch before I tossed it and I now have it rolled up inside a closet.

I am having a hard time figuring out how to sell this, since it's not just a pristine framed print. It is a dirty piece of vinyl, but potentially a fairly valuable dirty piece of vinyl. (On this site, prints are going for $4-10,000) Can anyone give me any pointers on where to start?
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Not an art expert---but it might be worth spending some money to have it expertly framed/mounted in some pleasing way.
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1. unroll it, like right now, at the very minimum store it flat with nothing touching the face and keep out of sun/overly warm situations.
2. find some place to appraise it, in writing.
3. take it to a good frame shop, ask them how to have it mounted/preserved
4. make sure they are insured and then pay the professionals to mount it and frame using archival material/methods.
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