Golden Rubber Chicken Medal/Plaque!
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GagPrizeFilter: If I wanted to either a) have a shiny gold (spraypainted?) rubber chicken mounted to a plaque or b) have a gold rubber chicken converted into something that could be worn like a medal, how would I go about doing this / obtaining one? This needs to be done in 1 week (for next Friday.)

Suggestions requested for suppliers, supplies, approaches, things not to do, etc.
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Call local trophy and award shops, and find one that can do bronzing (of baby shoes, and so on) without sending it away for six weeks.
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get a rubber chicken (dog toy? or dollar store? gag store?)
get gold spray paint
go in the backyard or alley or somewhere outdoors and spraypaint the rubber chicken

A: go to a dollar store or thrift store and buy a plaque. Pry whatever is on it off of it. Screw the gold rubber chicken to the plaque base.

B: go to a stationary store and buy a lanyard. Attach the gold rubber chicken to the lanyard clip
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Craft/hobby stores have the wooden plaques. I think you can find rubber chickens at costume stores and places like Party City, but you might want to call first. Do you have a drill? If so, the bronze paint and the drill to screw it on the plaque should work. The craft stores will also have a bunch of other stuff you can dress it up with. Check the scrapbooking aisle, seriously, there's all kinds of stuff there for every occasion.
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Archie McPhee sells rubber chickens, but getting one from them in a week is probably unrealistic. Unless you're in Seattle, or know someone who is.

(As I'm posting this, their web site is just a place holder, but usually it's an online catalog.)
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There are keychain-sized rubber chickens that you could then paint with gold spray paint or even gold nail polish, gold model paint, etc. and then attach to a lanyard or just a long ribbon. I have seen these at large stationery stores, in "party" stores and in novelty stores in malls if you don't want to wait for shipping--call around and I'm sure you'll find a place that has them nearby.
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Thanks everyone: ordered some 8" rubber chickens from amazon, gold spraypaint, and decided to splurge on a custom 8"x10" plaque for the guy. I'll let you know how it turned out....
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I googled Gold charm rubber chicken, and found this(scroll down) and this in silver, not gold. Gonna have to get one now.
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Love it. If you need a glue suggestion, I recommend E6000 - it's less than $10 from Michaels or any craft store, and it will glue anything. (But it doesn't foam over or stain your fingers like Gorilla Glue)
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