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How do I set a ringtone on iPhone without connecting iTunes?

A similar question was posed previously, and the answer was: host it somewhere, and you can download it to the phone. I've hosted the .m4r file (it shows up in iTunes as ringtone), I can browse to the file with mobile safari, and the mobile player (Quicktime?) plays the file, but how do I now make it a ringtone?
iOS 4.3, 3GS. Jailbreaking is not an option.
Yes, I want to change a friends ringtone, while he is away from his desk. And yes, he deserves it.
Memail me if you want a link to the m4r file to try it out.
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The only way I can possibly think of getting a ringtone into the settings of a stock iPhone 3GS without the use of iTunes would be to purchase it from the iTunes store.
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Response by poster: grar. Thanks, that's the only solution I could come up with too, but i was hoping.
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