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Should I go see Lady Gaga....alone?

So I'm a pretty big Lady Gaga fan, and have been dreaming of seeing her live, as I hear her shows are pretty awesome. Thing is, I let the date slip on on me, and I have no tickets and nobody to go with. So, I would be going to the Gaga show (in New Orleans) all by my lonesome. It's going to be a bit of a pain to get there, as I'll be driving home from Houston that morning, and basically will have time to change, re-pack, and book it down to NOLA for the show. I have a place to stay and used to live in the city, so I'm not concerned about navigating New Orleans at all. I guess my questions are:

1) Have you ever been to a concert alone? Did it suck?

2) Since I don't have a ticket yet and don't want to pay a zillion dollars to a scalper, I'll likely end up in not-so-great seats. Has anyone seen her live from the non-floor seats? It the experience worth it if you are in the nosebleed?

I'd also love to hear from anyone that has been to her recent concerts. I'd hate to go to all this trouble to get to a lame concert. Thanks all!
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I can't comment on Lady Gaga but I've been to lots of concerts alone and they didn't suck especially the ones where I was a big fan.

Its way better to go by yourself than stay home and regret not going!

Have fun!
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It is 100% guaranteed that you'll have one very big thing in common with everybody at that concert. Can you guess what it is?!

I've only gone to one concert alone but I just had to. It was my very favorite artist and nobody I knew listened to that kind of music at all so I just pulled the trigger. I ended up sitting next to a couple and the guy was this big shaven-headed mean looking person who turned out to just be a huge fan and had lots to say and we talked all about what we knew about the artist and our favorite songs and all. I had such a great time because the show was just so worth it and the performance was fantastic. It's a little awkward at first but with lots of people around who like the same thing, you might strike up a conversation and will otherwise enjoy the people watching. And once the music starts, you won't care. You wouldn't be able to talk to anyone with the music cranked anyway, so you'll just revel in the experience. I don't know anything about her or her shows but if you love her, go. It'll be great.
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A long time ago, I decided that I wasn't going to let the fact that no one else wanted to do something prevent me from doing it, if I really wanted to. Hence, in about an hour, I'm going to see a Cut Copy DJ set alone. Of course, it will be a lot more fun if you get someone to go with you. But if you go into it with the right mindset, it will definitely not suck.
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I went to Gaga last year and had relatively mediocre seats. It was fab-u-lous. You should go!
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I was just talking about going to see Lady Gaga, partially because I've seen her before, but also because the Scissor Sisters will be opening for her.

I've never been to a concert alone but I know on the floor (if you can get them), it doesn't matter. I have been to see Gaga before and most of the people get up out of their seats and dance most of the night, so as long as you're up for getting down with your own self, it could be great. Our seats where in the mid range and found up high you won't see her costumes and all that very well, but you can hear the music and see the spectacle.
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Can't speak to Lady Gaga specifically, but:

In 1994, I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, when Pink Floyd came there on their final tour. I didn't go. To be honest, I don't remember exactly why: it might have been because I didn't have anyone to go with, it might have been because I was a broke grad student. Whatever the reason, missing that concert is one of the biggest regrets of my life.1

Just about a month ago, I went alone to see The Pink Floyd Experience, a Pink Floyd tribute band, in concert. While it doesn't make up for missing PF in 1994, I had a great time there by myself.


1Yes, I'm aware that the fact that one of my biggest regrets is "I didn't see Pink Floyd when I had the chance" means I've had a damn good life overall.
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I go to most concerts alone since my friends don't like the same music as I do. When I was in college I had to beg people to go then had to pay for their tickets. Finally I decided that being alone wasn't going to stop me from doing anything. I usually go to small venues with 20-1000 capacity and it can be a bit awkward for some people between set changes while you stand alone. I like to people watch. In a concert like Gaga where you'll be in seats I don't see why you shouldn't go. You can make friends with people around you or keep to yourself if you like. Have fun!
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P.S. I also saw Simon & Garfunkel alone. Had a great time there, too.
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Going to concerts alone isn't weird. People meet people at concerts, which is weird when you think about it. Perhaps Lady Gaga less so, but every time I go to a concert I end up talking to someone random and I'm not not exactly Mr. Extrovert.
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i've gone to concerts by myself and had a great time! it's fun to go with people you know, but going alone can be pretty awesome.
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Post a "looking for friend" ad or whatever they are called on craigslist. Make it clear you're not looking for a date (unless you are) and that you're not paying their way, but that you want someone to hang out with.

But yeah, go anyway. No one is going to say "oh that girl came by herself!" They are too focused on having fun - which you should be.
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I just saw Gaga at AC when this new tour opened. We had so-so seats on the side of the stage and it was simply electric. I am not a big concert goer, but I most definitely recommend anyone to see her life if they have the chance. It is a a show and a half. Plus her opening act, the Scissor Sisters are simply awesome too. If you enjoy the music, you can always find something to talk about with the people who are next to you. I've done that at several non-Lady Gaga concerts in the past when I went by myself and had a most excellent time.
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I was in NYC over Thanksgiving and went to see Wicked alone since my friends had other plans. It was the best date I've ever taken myself on.
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I saw a concert alone: Barenaked Ladies (Stunt, I believe) and Semisonic - I didn't know anyone with the remotest interest in coming along. (Ok, I only knew like three people to ask.) It was a great, fun show, and I am glad I went. I've also done the move/restaurant thing alone, and it wasn't much different.

(Also, what SpaceWarp13 said.)

Apologies for the overuse of parentheses.
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I've been to a couple concerts by myself, but they were outdoor daytime festival concerts instead of sit-down arena shows. So for what it's worth, I had an awesome time by myself and I would have missed some great memories if I'd stayed at home alone. I am really shy and I still had fun without the buffer of a friend. If anything, I felt more anonymous and uninhibited being there by myself, so the experience was totally new and different.
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I hate going to concerts alone, but that's my personality. Aside from that I ask myself some simple questions regarding going to concerts when a band or artist comes to town: "will I look back on this as a positive event 10 years from now?" "Is this an event I will feel proud to know I attended.". If those are true then I buy the ticket, be that to a concert festival (more about the experience than the artists sometimes) or just a regular concert
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For shows I really care about I usually PREFER to go alone. That way I can get there when I want, stand where I want, dance as moronically as I want, and not worry about whether my companion is having a good time.

Not that I'm against going to shows with friends and in groups. Not at all. But when the experience is really important to you there are definitely advantages to going solo.

Go and enjoy.
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Regurgitating an earlier answer, because it's still true :-)

Basically, there is a bigger issue here than this particular concert. The sooner you stop stunting yourself, the better. Go have an adventure!
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Going to see stefani=no
Going to a concert alone=yes

You're not going to be alone...there will be people right next to you. And they will be as excited as you are.

Bring drugs.
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Yes, of course go. Gigs are fine when you're alone - in fact you tend to meet people and you don't feel guilty/annoyed if you've dragged along someone who's not interested. Nothing worse than having to listen to someone whine or look bored through the entire thing if you're really excited.

When you go, pay attention to those around you - you'll notice more people on their own there than you'd think there would be. It is no impediment to having fun!
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Hence, in about an hour, I'm going to see a Cut Copy DJ set alone.

I really, really, hope you got to see their stage show too. There were tons of people scalping tickets at face value outside. Coincidentally, my plans for last night got cancelled, and I impulsively metro'd over to the 930 club and scalped a ticket on my own. One of the best decisions I've made in recent memory -- great, great show. On my way out, I saw about 4 separate groups of people that I know. Oh well :-)

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Showing my age a bit, I suppose, but I went to see Pearl Jam by myself when my friend ended up not being able to go, and had a great time.

A bit of older-and-wiser girly advice, though--don't get too trashed, just because it can be a little too tempting to self-medicate until the awkwardness goes away, and being alone can leave you more open to getting into a bad situation (likewise, keep an eye on your drink--you won't have your buddy system to rely on). But that's not a reason not to go, just to be careful.

I say go, and have a great time!
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In 1994, I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, when Pink Floyd came there on their final tour. I didn't go. To be honest, I don't remember exactly why: it might have been because I didn't have anyone to go with, it might have been because I was a broke grad student. Whatever the reason, missing that concert is one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Funny, this is my exact story. I didn't go because I was waiting for a friend to get off his ass and decide and missed it entirely. I decided then that I would never miss an opportunity to see something I wanted just because I might go alone.

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Going alone is not as bad as it sounds...I've been to concerts by Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley before by myself, and had a fantastic time at both. (In fact, I'm seeing Tim again this year for his "Emotional Traffic" tour). I wouldn't mind taking someone along if I knew they REALLY wanted to go, but I don't see going alone as a hindrance.
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Hence, in about an hour, I'm going to see a Cut Copy DJ set alone.

Damn it! I didn't go to this because I didn't want to go alone!

Despite the statement I just made, I have gone to and really, really enjoyed concerts by myself. More often than not, I get separated from the people I was there with anyway and at this point am able to really enjoy myself because they're not there laughing at me as I fangirl. Go! A Gaga concert will be huge enough that you'll be able to get lost in the throng of little monsters and partake of that unique brand of energy.
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One of my daughters went to a Gaga concert and sat alone (her friend had better seats....long story.) She told me she had a blast.
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I've been to concerts alone and had a blast. I've been to shows in the middle of a music festival where friends weren't interested, crowded to the front, and had a blast. I've been to shows I have been really into with friends who didn't want to be there and it sucked.

It might be annoying at times not to be with someone, but at least you're not with anyone who doesn't actually want to be there!
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Years ago, I went to an Iggy Pop concert in Dublin, Ireland by myself because my friends could not afford to go. I had a blast. It felt liberating not to be there with any companions I had to keep track of. I recommend it!
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I've done this a few times. It can be a little awkward when the music isn't playing, but when it is you're more free to get lost in the music and not worry about hearing whatever comment your friend said and get distracted and say "whaaaattt?!!" Then again, you meet cool new people (in my case a relative of a band member who had no idea how big of a deal they were to me) and once I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen since high school. It can be really enjoyable.
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So, we saw Lady Gaga in San Antonio. We had floor tickets, so we (being old) hung around back by the soundboard rather than pushing forward into the scrum.

During her show, you can't talk to your friends. At best you can see each other dance. Worst case, you'll be bored waiting for the show to start. Bring a well-charged cellphone.

It turned out that I didn't like the show, but if you're into her, then it will be like going to church.
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I saw Gaga during the Monster Ball tour. My friends and I bought nosebleed seats well in advance of the show. I'd heard rave reviews of her live shows.

The problem was that the mega-arena for this particular show wasn't using the large screens that hang from the middle of the ceiling. The seats were also rather cramped and the stadium-style seating made me nervous about moving around much at all, and I'm not normally afraid of heights. In addition, our seats were quite far off to the side. Finally, the famous theatrics mean that you have to sit for minutes between many scenes for all the props and costumes to be put in place. The image slideshow and background music they played during these transitions got old very fast.

So we were very far away, at about a 90 degree angle, perched up on awkward seats away from any dance floor; and we sat around waiting a lot. Honestly, it wasn't much fun; I've liked pretty much any night in a club where the DJ is playing Telephone and Monster more than I enjoyed that show.

But, for what it's worth, I don't think I would have enjoyed it any less without my friends there.
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I forgot to clarify that I've been to shows alone before, and I've been to other big arena shows, and I do sometimes like those things. I was posting my experience to try to address the Gaga-specific concerns.

I think it depends partly on how much money and effort you're spending just to get to the show. I was already stressed; was out late on a Monday night; and had spent over $100 per person for those crappy seats. You should probably look up the venue seating charts and find out approximate scalper prices if those factors are particularly important to you.
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I went to see Sia about a year ago by myself. It was a pretty blue ride getting up to the venue alone (~hour trip), but the show more than made up for any misgivings and doubts beforehand. If it's not clear from all the comments above, go, and have an awesome time.
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Although I have gone to many concerts with other people, these are some I've seen alone:
(all in the 70's and 80's):
Def Leperd
Pink Floyd (5 times alone, sorry Devilsadvocate!)
Rod Stewart
Doobie Brothers
Roger Waters
Amnesty Concert ( 90's,forget what it was called, with Springsteen, Tracy Chapman...)

...among others. And I went so as to not regret later, and you know what? they were all great and I didn't feel weird or alone, but that's me.

And you know what? I'm going to see Alice Cooper alone in May, mostly because Anvil is opening, and I want to see them live.
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Absolutely go. I decided to follow Nine Inch Nails and saw them 49 times in 2005 and while I started out all by myself, by the end of it I had many friends a few of which I am still very close to.

I know your outing will not be quite so extreme, I'm just saying it can be done and it definitely didn't suck for me. I have been in your shoes too and paid a lot for a single ticket just to get there to see an artist I loved.

Nowadays I regularly go to concerts alone, especially if it is a more obscure or less popular artist. I find I can connect more with the show and I don't have to worry about where my party is and if they are enjoying themselves.
Don't get me wrong I also love going to shows with friends and having a blast and laughing the whole time, but don't let this keep you from the memory of a life time.

PS- I am also from Houston and did I mention that I DROVE while I was following Nine Inch Nails - I put a bit over 11,000 miles on my car in 2 months. This is totally doable ;)

Have fun!
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I went to a concert alone last June. I had a hell of a good time.

The only drawback was that I got so drunk I wound up having to spring for a cab ride home. That was expensive, though not as expensive as a DWI would have been. If I'd had a friend with me, they might have been a DD for me.
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In college, I experienced a dearth of metal-listening friends, so while I could get people to see Metallica and Sabbath with me, I had to see bands like Cryptopsy and Vader alone. I've seen far more shows alone than with friends now.

Unless you're outgoing-ish, you do miss out on pre-show chit chat, but once the show gets going, there's really no difference in the experience, as most concerts are too loud (and Gaga will be in this category, I bet) for even shouted conversation. You'll have a great time, or at least about as good a time as you would have had with company.
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Hell yes. I went to see Muse alone and it was fantastic. If Lady Gaga came here I'd go see her in a heartbeat; getting anyone else to come with me would be a secondary concern.

Go for it!
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Perhaps I'm an anomaly, but I actually most prefer going to EDM concerts alone :) Whenever I do go to concerts like this with friends (standing room, unassigned seating) I usually find myself drifting in and out of their presence so that I can wander around and make new friends.
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One of my philosophies in life is "I'd rather go alone than miss out".
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Oh, and I'm going to a concert alone in a couple of weeks. It won't be the first time. My friends are going the night before, but I didn't get tickets to that show.
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I go to shows by myself. Had this big long list of why this is awesome. Mostly, going alone is my thing. It's my space, my time. Plus I'm really shy, and live in new city, so going to small venues means I end up talking to someone at some point. Good for the self confidence. I also just love local bands and live music.
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Hey, I'm in New Orleans and am going to that show with a friend. Wanna hang out?
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I've seen her. GO! Bring earplugs. 20-decibel reduction should be great. While I did take mine out part of the time (during favorite songs and when she talked), it drowns out the cheering and screaming so you can actually hear the music. And it's nice to protect your hearing and not have a headache and ears ringing for 3 days afterwards. (Says someone who once got seated 10 feet from the speakers at a concert.)
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I think you should go, because if you're unsure now then it will let you know in the future how you would feel about doing activity-X alone.

I've been going to see live music alone for decades. The only time I've regretted doing it was when I wasn't really in the mood to do it on that particular day but went to the show anyway because I didn't want to waste the ticket money. In fact, there are 2-3 regularly touring bands/musicians that I have seen several times and would prefer to see 100% alone because that's how I'm used to seeing them. I don't really get people who won't go see their favourite band (or whatever) if they have to go alone.

Trying it once will let you know if you're more like me or them.

Enjoyability from the high seats really depends on the venue. There are places where the cheap seats are more than fine and places where I just wouldn't bother. Take small binoculars or opera glasses if you like.
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Seriously, why wouldn't you?
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I saw Gaga in Atlantic City a month or so ago. We were as far away from the stage as you could get, and as high up as you could get. It was still awesome. Go for it!
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I'm going to see her alone in Austin next week. When the tickets went on sale, I wasn't seeing anybody and I didn't have enough money for two anyway. I've done lots of other things alone and enjoyed it, but I have a little trepidation about the Gaga show, too.

I saw her last summer in Houston and it was fabulous. It's going to be great and you and I are both going to have a marvelous time! :]
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What does "being with" mean? You accompany, you witness; you acknowledge the Other. Ultimately, perhaps, this contact resonates and in some sense we are fulfilled, but is it not fleeting? The moment passes, the sensations pass. You are changed by it, but that piece of change is not the Other - it is your own sense of that Other, of time, space and sensation of the moment. It is a delusion, perhaps one we must foist upon ourselves to survive amongst each other, but a delusion nonetheless. There is no Self but ones own, no contemplation but the impact of the world upon it.

Ultimately we all see Lady Gaga alone. And she, alone, sees us.
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Go and have a good time. I went to a David Bowie concert alone while I was in Chicago on a business trip. I had to go, though, because it was Bowie. I had a great time and met some wonderfully friendly people.
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While it may feel weird to go alone once the show starts you won't even notice. If you're a Gaga fan (and I think you are), then you'll be paying attention to her and the show and you will have a BLAST.

I saw her when she came to Vancouver, and our seats were in the first row of seating (ie. non floor), but towards the back. Her stage show is huge and easily seen, so I don't think you have to be on the floor to enjoy it.

Summary: Get those upper bowl nose bleed tickets, go by yourself and enjoy the show... you'll regret it if you don't ;)
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1) Have you ever been to a concert alone? Did it suck?

All the time, but I'm kind of a loner and have never been to a stadium show like this. There are always tons of other people there that also came alone, and they're not always that weird guy. It's not like you're going to stand out for going to a concert alone. The only thing I would think is different about a Gaga show is that it's more than likely all ages and has wide appeal so you could wind up next to a family or something, which for me would suck because I like to get my drink on at shows. YMMV.
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When I was a youngin I used to go to concert with my dad because my mom was afraid to let me go alone. My dad's cool and all, and he was a great sport, but when I finally got to go to concerts alone it was great. Sometimes I talk to other people and sometimes I don't, depending on the mood, but I've never come home from an alone concert and thought "That would have been better with someone else with me."
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The Gaga show is immersive in a way that there's not a lot of opportunity to chat during it. I had good-but-not-great seats in LA and it was fine.
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I'm going to a concert alone tomorrow! I'd even say I prefer going to concerts alone. Do it.
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