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I need help installing the Ikea Lillagren wall cabinet to the wall

This is my piece (pdf warning). I have already put it together, but have no idea how to actually install it on the wall (and it is capable of being put on to a wall).

My googling skills are all worn out. Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?
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Sorry, I mistyped--it's the "Lillangen" model.
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The instructions are in that pdf -- can you explain where you get lost?
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I guess I don't understand where the construction of the cabinet sends and the mounting on the wall begins.
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Generally you would just screw through the back of the cabinet (from the inside) into the wall studs.
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Hanging it on the wall is steps 10, 11, and 12 (pages 12 and 13). Page 14 is attaching 2 next to each other on the wall. AFTER that, you attach the front panel (steps 13-19).
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note, if you don't have studs lining up, you'll have to get creative.

option 1 - toggle bolts
option 2 - ikea sells a rail that goes on the wall, and then the cabinets hang on the rail.
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Oh, shoot--no wonder I misunderstood! Thank you, brainmouse!

(I can't believe I wasted a question on this!)
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