Help me be less orange?
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How can I make my picture look less orange?

After years of terrible pictures on the company intranet, I finally had one taken (by a friend) that I like. The only problem is that I look orange - oompa loompa orange. I am not normally orange in real life, so I assume it was the lighting.

Is there any way to remove the orange and salvage the picture?

I don't have any fancy photo software, no photoshop or similar. Bonus stress - the picture is due in HR by tomorrow.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Picasa (free photo album software from Google) has a tab with a feature which allows you to play around with photos a little bit (sharpen, change to B&W, etc.) Playing around with the "color temperature" slider might do it.
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If you provided a link, say to a Flickr image, you could have several MeFi members all trying to compete at "Who's the Better Photoshopper" and fix the image for you for free.
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1. Download Picasa.
2. Adjust color temperature, or even just try the auto color button.
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Response by poster: I tried playing with Picasa and had no luck. I think I might have made myself orangeier.

I'm a tad paranoid about posting my picture. I don't know why, but putting my face on the internet freaks me out. The company intranet is bad enough.
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If you don't want to post it, you could MeMail it to me and I'd be happy to have a stab at it with photoshop.
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MeMail me, too, if we're playing Photoshop-Go-Round! I'm betting a quick Image -> Adjust -> Auto Levels will clear that right up.
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Response by poster: Picasa gave me the option to edit it in Picnik, where I found a color slider that let me de-orange myself.

Thank you so much for all the help and offers of photoshop magic.
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Picasa rules!!!
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