Bube's (Boobies!!) Live
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(obscuremusicfilter) Can someone point me to a non-skeevy site to purchase this music?

I'm looking for the only CD from a Ren-Fair group called the Naughty Nymphs. We bought it directly from them ten years or so ago but a friend borrowed and broke the disc. This is the (now defunct) group. The CD title is Bube's Live. All the sites I have found it on have been suspect at best and I don't know that I should be giving my cc number to them.
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Maybe email the band directly and see if they still have any CDs? If it's a self-released CD and the band has broken up, it may be one of those frequent releases that's incredibly hard to find despite the fact that there are hundreds of them still sitting in someone's closet somewhere.
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Anything that ties back to Mark Gunn (such as http://renaissancefestivalmusic.com/music/ or http://celticmusic.org/) is legit. He's a local (Austin) performer I've known for years and is trying to podcast and produce his way into a Ren-Fair Music Empire.

If zombiedance's suggestion (contact the band) doesn't pan out, you might write to Mark and ask him if he knows any reputable vendors who might have the title.
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