Would love background on this half seen, half remembered animated film
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Can anyone identify this half-remembered animated film? Probably east European but it was in French on the tv, giant robots, evil kings, young love....

It was probably in the 80s when I saw it on tv but I had no idea when it was made. It was quite fully animated and seemed to be feature length but I can't be sure because my dad was keeping me busy with home maintenance and I didn't get to watch it all. It took place in a land that looked vaughly Prussian or some such thing. The evil king wore a military style uniform. He also rode around in a giant steam punk robot. He stood in a balcony on it's chest, I think.


At the end of the film the king destroys a city while hunting for the hero. The king is fanally subdued. In the final scene a bird cage rolls out of the carnage and we see a tiny bird struggling to get free from it. The giant robot "wakes up" and uses his giant hand to lift open the tiny door of the cage. The bird flies free, the hand pauses then suddenly crushes the empty cage. It was a fantastic scene and I'd love to see it again.
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King and the Mockingbird?
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Best answer: Here's the scene on youtube.
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Response by poster: Bingo! Thanks Admiral, you're a treasure.
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