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I need to buy a blue blazer in Boston to wear to my grandmother's 90th b-day on Saturday, but I'd like to find something not quite as stodgy as your typical Brooks Bros. fare so that I'll actually wear it sometimes. Where should I shop?

Ok, so, maybe I'm being vain/snobby, but I have a personal style that I'm happy with, and what I'm seeing in Boston isn't it, and I'd hate to spend $500+ dollars on a blazer I'm never going to want to wear again. I'm having trouble finding anything that isn't either more suited for my dad, or kind of Eurotrashy and only meant to be worn with a head full of gel. So, what do I like? Well, If I were back in NYC, I'd probably head to Steven Alan. I loved all of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's characters' clothes in (500) Days of Summer. Stop judging me, okay?
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Men's warehouse on Boylston Street.
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J. Press (Mt. Auburn St near Harvard Square) will get you the original blue blazer. Not cheap, and perhaps stodgy, but classic as all get out.
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J. Crew has a cheaper, more modern take (slimmer cut, narrow lapels) available, too. I don't know their store situation in Boston, but I'd bet it's available somewhere in town.
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Just head to Newbury St. For example, Ted Baker and Reiss look like they have some non-stodgy blazer options.
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Okay, and now that I've started listing menswear on Newbury, Brooklyn Industries blazer options actually look much more modern than the Reiss ones.
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Are you sure Brooks Brothers doesn't have what you want? Some of their spring collection strikes me as firmly in that Joseph Gordon-Levitt zone. The trick is just dressing it down from stodgy ivy trad, like Gordon-Levitt does. Take a look at:

Cotton Milano Blazer

The men's catalog also lists a soft jersey Milano jacket that isn't showing up in the online store yet. I'd check with the store to see if they have it. Both of these are using less dressy fabrics than wool. I'd personally run with the cotton, as you could readily pair that with a lot of options. Jersey, imo, would be a less versatile fabric.
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The Ralph Lauren Rugby line has blazers that look more contemporary.
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+1 for J. Press.
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Banana Republic might be a good place to check out. http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/category.do?cid=32643
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Goodwill often has navy blazers, sometimes quite nice ones. Or put a notice in Craigslist of Freecycle. A free, boring, navy blazer might be a darn good deal. Dry-cleaning isn't very spendy.
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