A reason to keep your shoes on in our house
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Mysterious bloody mucous blobs found on floor. Probable culprit: kitty?

For the past year or so, we've been finding small, bloody, mucous-y smelly blobs on our floor. They're about 1/2" in diameter usually and we've found maybe 4-5 in the past year. There could be more that we've not found. I'm guessing they're from our 7-year old indoor-only cat as we have no other pets but I'm open to other suggestions as to where they could be coming from. Other living creatures in the house: 2 adults, 1 nearly 3-year old.

If it's the cat, I have no idea which end it's coming from. Is it more likely a poop issue or a regurgitation issue? Her litter habits seem normal and otherwise nothing's changed in her health that I can tell. Yes, I'll take her to the vet but in the mean time, I'm hoping there can be some idle speculation on what could be causing this.
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Is she fixed?
posted by runningwithscissors at 10:26 AM on March 30, 2011

Do you have any signs that there are rodents in the house? Kitty could be getting to them and leaving some evidence behind.
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Response by poster: Yes, she's fixed. No signs of rodents and this has persisted over 2 different houses since we moved just s couple of months ago.
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I had a cat who was sneezing blood (leaving splatters, less mucous) who was taken immediately to the vet and treated. Could there be something in the house your cat is encountering that is irritating her sinuses that causes her to sneeze bloody mucous?

You might want to take a swab sample to take with you to the vet when you take your cat in. It might be easier to diagnose your cat if it is indeed coming from her. They might also be able to identify whether it is from your cat.
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One of my cats did this, and from my research at the time, I believe that yes, it was from his butt. I would pay attention to your cat's butt (he's probably sticking it in your face frequently right?) to see if there's any redness around his anus.
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This might be a long shot, but if the blobs smell really, REALLY bad, then it could have something to do with his anal glands. If so, I am very sorry. (And you should ask your vet to check them out.)
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My elderly cat started to bleed from his gums, leaving blobs of blood around the house, when he lost his teeth. Yet with all this, he didn't eat any differently, and I couldn't figure out where he was bleeding, or even that the blood was his and not my other cat's. I eventually had to get all of his teeth extracted.

(ADVICE: Brush your cat's teeth. DISCLAIMER: I adopted him when he was 14 and it was too late for preventative care.)
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Response by poster: Not sticking her butt in our faces. Nothing behaviorally different but I'll try to take a look around there tonight.
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I found a few of these when my cat was straining from urinary issues - we thought it was a UTI at first, then decided it was FLUTD, and now I'm wondering if it was neither but instead something in the plastic dishes I was feeding him from..... anyway, neither here nor there, most likely. In short: possible urination issues? I scooped one up in a plastic baggie to bring to the vet, which helped some with diagnosis.
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I found a few of those recently and discovered, to my horror, that one of my cats claws had grown into his pad :-(
A little snip snip with a pair of (human) toenail clippers and he was off and licking himself well on the sofa in no time.
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Response by poster: Well, nothing obviously amiss with her claws, her teeth, her nose, or her butt. The mystery remains but I guess a trip to the vet is in order.
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