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Help me be a virtual nosey parker: I love blogs that show what's in your handbag, your suitcase, your closet, and your makeup kit. What other blogs would I love?

Emphasis on photographs, sometimes with text that gives insight into why people have what they have (I'm sure there's a genre for this kind of blog but I don't know what it's called).

Examples of what I like include Into the Gloss, What's In Your Bag, and Closet Visit. Also I love it when bloggers post about the makeup they use, packing lists for trips, favourite kitchen tools of all time etc. What I am NOT looking for is something like The Selby which is a little too broad/ lifestyle focused.

Obviously there is a slant towards fashion and style but I am open to other categories too.
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There are a lot of Flickr groups that do this sort of thing.
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This website show the applications people have on their iPhone home screens.
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MacSparky's Home Screens is similar to the firstand20 site buriedpaul mentioned.
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Typical Flickr example

Girly tumblr version

And here's a neat one specifically for firemen and rescue workers.

(Re that everyday carry site Chaz linked... do people really carry so many goddamned knives? I'm going to start being more polite.)
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And.... I accidentally linked the example from the question. I meant this Flickr group.
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The Every Day Carry blog from the blue.
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Everyday Carry Forum, this LifeHacker post (be sure to look in the comments sections for everyone else's list), Show Us Your Go Bag Part 1 Part 2 Part 3. And for other intersting reading...101 Goals in 1001 Days
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On My Desk
From Your Desks

What's in its pocketses:
Jason Travis' Persona
SuperFuture's EDC saved my life
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I love this one:

The Setup - What do people use to get the job done?
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