I've got a Nietzsche that needs scratching...
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I'm looking for the original German of the famous "idealism is falsehood" quote from Friedrich Nietzsche

"My formula for greatness in man is amor fati: the fact that a man wishes nothing to be different, either in front of him or behind him, or for all eternity. Not only must the necessary be borne, and on no account concealed, - all idealism is falsehood in the face of necessity, - but it must also be loved...”

I'm sure this quote is somewhere online in the original German, but because Google searches for it are so flooded with quote websites that don't provide sources, I can't find it.

Any Nietzsche scholars out there with a copy of Ecce Homo in the original German sitting on their shelves? I'm seeking the original German of the above passage.

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Ecce Homo is available in the original German on Project Gutenberg if you feel like digging in.
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So, yeah...
Meine Formel für die Grösse am Menschen ist amor fati: dass man Nichts anders haben will, vorwärts nicht, rückwärts nicht, in alle Ewigkeit nicht. Das Nothwendige nicht bloss ertragen, noch weniger verhehlen - aller Idealismus ist Verlogenheit vor dem Nothwendigen - sondern es lieben…
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Response by poster: Yup, got it!
Thank you both.
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The full German text is also available (and a little more accessible) on Nietzsche Source.
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