"Is Soupy back on the sauce again?" "Not so you'd notice."
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Beyond MST3K: help me laugh myself silly with audio/video mismatches.

For some reason, dub parodies in particular -- video clips where the original audio is dubbed out and replaced with something incongruous -- cripple me with laughter even on a bad day. What to watch next? I am, naturally, a huge MST3K fan. I also know and love the following:

What's Up, Tiger Lily?
Soupy Norman
Bert & Ernie, "Ante Up"
Cat vs. Printer
Adam Buxton's Signing for the Deaf (with Translations for the Dumb)
Adam Buxton's Songs of Praise
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Best answer: You know about Rifftrax right?
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Wizard People Dear Reader.

on youtube here

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Wizard People, Dear Reader is a sublime alternate soundtrack to the first Harry Potter movie, in the form of an audiobook read by a very excited narrator.
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Seconding Rifftrax as well as Cinematic Titanic.
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Best answer: Since you brought up Bert and Ernie, how about Miss Piggy Sings Peaches? (NSFW)
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Best answer: Honey Badger (NSFW).
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Familiar with Rebecca Black's "Friday"? The bad lip reader that redubbed it as "Gang Fight" sure wasn't.
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Best answer: Here's a whole series of ones with animals.
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Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers gets me giggling every time.
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I fondly remember a late-night UHF series called Mad Movies With the L.A. Connection, which is apparently well represented on YouTube (albeit in what looks like middling-quality screen rips).
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Uncle Morty's Dub Shack -- short-lived ImaginAsian tv show.
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Oh, right, this. (NSFW?)
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Seconding MXC, they do a great job of dubbing those commentators.
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Best answer: This isn't exactly a dub, but you can set the subtitles on modern versions of Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail to read out selections from Shakespeare's Henry IV (for people who don't like the film).

In-character commentary tracks can be like this:
Steve Coogan & Rob Bryden on Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story
Robert Downey Jr. on Tropic Thunder
'Kenneth Loring' (Thought to be one of the Coen Bros.) on Blood Simple
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Can't forget the censored Count.
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The Dark Knight as acted out by My Little Ponies. (That user has a few more like that, too.)
Beeker singing that Rick Astley song, you know, that one.
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Hey, here's a new one:

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Santeri Ojala's crappy overdubs of guitar gods.

Hitler parodies are hit or miss, but I think these dub-centric entries are well-done: "Hitler Tells a Spooky Story," and "Hitler Dubbed with Star Trek Dialogue" (taken from "First Contact").
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KISS shreds
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Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Toddler Party
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You might like this "subtitled" Bollywood song:
Indian Nipple Song
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Oh Em Gee, the ultimate...I give you: Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

"It's good for both of us."
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Seconding Kung Pow! (I've watched it more times than I'm comfortable admitting, because it's just so stupidly hilarious.) Also...I seem to remember Whose Line Is It Anyway doing this occasionally, but damn if I can't remember what they called it.
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This question just reminded me that I spent several years of my childhood watching live broadcast TV with Nickelodeon audio dubbing over HGTV or something similar. I would do this by turning the VHS tuner to Nickelodeon and switching the TV to cable mode... okay, doing something like that these days is probably too complicated for the limited payoff, but the moments of accidental synchronicity reduced me and my brothers to tears.
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