What is this type of earring called?
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What is the correct terminology for a hinged endless hoop earring?

I'm trying to replace my cartilage piercing with a gold hoop. I hate the hoops that involve a tiny wire that you have to wiggle into the hollow end of the hoop. My current one is sterling silver and has what I would call a "breaking" hinge-- it's not visible when the earring is clasped, but the earring hinges into two halves and snaps together, leaving a completely smooth exterior except for the hairline area where the one end has a snap-together clasp and the other has the hinge.

I'm sure there's a term for this kind of piece but I do not know it, and I haven't been able to find it based on searching for "endless" hoops, "hinged" hoops, or anything related.
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Best answer: from your description, i think you want to search for "seamless" or "continuous" hoops.
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There is a style sold as huggy or huggie hoops.
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We always called them sleeper earrings or just 'sleepers'. Because there's no butterfly at the back to dig into your neck while you're sleeping.
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Caution on the 'sleepers'. The way I'm familiar with this term would have included the wire into the tube type as 'sleepers'.
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Leverbacks seems to be a term that is used.
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These are my favorite and I can recommend them. Been wearing them for nearly ten years (yes, straight). Sally Beauty calls them "hinged hoop" earrings.
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