New wave/synthpop love songs? Example: Real Life - Send Me an Angel
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New wave/synthpop love songs? Example: Real Life - Send Me An Angel

I've recently become obsessed the song "Send Me An Angel" by the 80s band Real Life. What I would love is to create a mix cd of similar songs: new wave love songs. Suggestions?? I await the hive's wisdom :)
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Brilliant Mind by Furniture. I've been obsessing about that one lately.
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Oh, and who can forget the best cheesy 80s love song ever - Always by Erasure.
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The Promise
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Start here
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Might not be synthpop enough, but try I Melt With You.
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"Gold" and "Only When you leave" - Spandau Ballet (this is more New Romantic than New Wave)
"Call Me" - Go West (it is late now...not sure if enough synthpop for ya)
"Somewhere in my Heart" - Aztec Camera
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Cut Copy - Time Stands Still

(Not new wave, but I think the sound is right. Also I once received a mix tape which started with this... *swoon*)
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Howard Jones:
No one is to blame
Things can only get better

Be Near Me

Scritti Politi:
Perfect Way

Can you tell when I graduated from high school?
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Of course "new wave" can mean a variety of styles from the late '70s to the mid-'80s, but here are a few love(ish) songs close to that sweeping early-'80s synthpop of "Send Me an Angel" (which, weirdly, a few days ago I witnessed a 12-year-old girl choose to sing at a kids' karaoke thing -- is it making a comeback?):

"What Is Love?" - Howard Jones
"Lost In Your Eyes" - Book of Love
"Maybe Monday" - 'Til Tuesday
"Love On Your Side" - Thompson Twins
"Space Age Love Song" - A Flock of Seagulls
"Lips Like Sugar" - Echo & the Bunnymen
"Heaven" - Psychedelic Furs
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The Look of Love by ABC.
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The Cure - Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Friday I'm In Love

(The latter is from 1992, but c'mon, it's the Cure.)
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Tonight is Forever - Pet Shop Boys
Love Comes Quickly [12" remix] - Pet Shop Boys

Are more recent synthpop homages OK?
Losing Your Affection [Soft Cell 12" Mix] - Future Bible Heroes
The Laurels of Erotomania - Cold Cave
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Chris and Cosey - October Love Song
Naked Eyes - Always Something There To Remind Me
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Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - I Feel Love
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Also a tad more recently, but I think totally fits the bill...

The Cardigans LoveFool

Going back in time...

Lene Lovich Lucky Number

Nthing anything by Aztec Camera (Oblivious is my fav), ABC, and Spandau Ballet.

For some reason the second song that came to mind after The Cardigans, was Gene Loves Jezebel's Desire. For this, I apologize.
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Wood Beez: Scritti Politti
Angel Eyes: Roxy Music
Slave To Love: Bryan Ferry
Just Can't Get Enough: Depeche Mode

Some other good ones have already been mentioned.
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Tears For Fears is close in sound -- but their songs tend to melancholy that is very un-love-song ish. Try Change: Tears For Fears anyway.
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Love Action: Human League
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I came here to nominate "Just Can't Get Enough," but artlung beat me to it, so I will leave you with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division.
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Oh, and how could I not mention this.
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Simple Minds - Someone Somewhere in Summertime

Eurythmics - Here Comes the Rain Again

New Order - Thieves Like Us

(Umm, I wouldn't consider Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" to be a love song, but it could just be my reading of the lyrics)
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Real Life had a number of fantastic songs (though I'm not sure how many would qualify as "love" songs).

Also try: Anything Box - Every Single Day.
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"The Sun Always Shines on TV" by aha
"One Simple Thing" by the Stabilizers
"The Metro" by Berlin
"Charlotte Sometimes" by the Cure
"Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order
"Dreamin' of Love", "Spring Love" by Stevie B. (maybe a bit more free-stylish)
"Falling from Grace" by the Gentle Waves
"Under the Milky Way" by the Church (may not be too synthie...)
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oh yeah,
The Fixx - "Stand or Fall"
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"Mary's Prayer" by Danny Wilson. Can't help but think of the movie "There's Somethign about Mary" ! :)
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An unusual love song: Eurythmics: Julia, from '1984'.
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How about some old Ultravox?

Passing Strangers or Visions in Blue or way back to Hiroshima Mon Amour?
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Is Cutting Crew - Died in Your Arms Tonight new wave?
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My all time favorite new wave love song -
So in love - OMD

Promised you a miracle - Simple Minds
New Gold Dream - Simple Minds
Fade to Grey - Visage
I feel love - Bronski Beat
Oh l'amour - Erasure
Say hello wave goodbye - Soft Cell
Marian - Sisters of Mercy
Work for love - Ministry

While these may not be traditional love songs, you should definitely explore them if you haven't already. And I think you need this on your mixtape as the final track
This is not a love song - Public Image Limited
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Almost forgot The Blue Nile:

Saturday Night
Tinseltown in the Rain
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Newer song.
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The Passions: I'm In Love With A German Film Star.
Kajagoogoo: Too Shy.
Bananarama: Robert de Niro's Waiting.
The Psychedelic Furs: Love My Way.
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Listen to thenewbrunette: Erasure - Oh L'amour! That's the Right Answer.

I thought of Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (though I'd swoon over More Than This a bit more)
Wham! - Careless Whisper (??)
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Just realized that I meant to post this Ministry song, which I always thought influenced "Send Me an Angel."

Ministry - Revenge
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I just won this CD compilation online, and my first thought was "I must post the playlist at that Ask-me question from a few days ago". Ask-Me addict? Moi? Hell, yes.

Ministry of Sound Anthems: Electronic 80's.

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Sorry, forgot to undo the small thing.
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