Where/How to get an Abortion in Toronto?
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Where can I get an abortion in Toronto?

I took a pregnancy test and got the + instead of the - sign. I cannot emotionally, mentally, or financially take care of a child. My life plans do not involve children. I live one hour away from Toronto (accessible easily by bus). How do I get an abortion? How soon can I get it done? I am not telling anyone in my life about this, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

So far my plan is this: Call the Women's Care Clinic in Toronto tomorrow and set up an appointment. Snag: You have to be four weeks pregnant to get an abortion and I don't know how pregnant I am. How do I find out? Has anyone ever been to this clinic or another in Toronto and have any advice or reviews? I've only known about this for five minutes although I've been worrying about it for a week so I don't know if I am being very logical right now. I just want to cry.

Note: My understanding is that in Canada, abortion is covered by insurance and available on demand so I do not need a referral. Is this correct? This is not a situation I ever imagined myself in. I am freaking the fuck out.

I have never been pregnant before, I am young, I use birth control, and I am not in a relationship. Anything is appreciated. Throwaway email: abortiontoronto@gmail.com
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Don't panic. This is a procedure covered by OHIP.
There are indeed lots of resources to help you through this in Toronto and urban Ontario. There may even be resources closer to your home. Toronto agencies that you can call include Planned Parenthood and what used to be called the Bay Centre for Birth Control, which is a part of Women's College hospital. Either should be able to direct you to the most convenient service provider to your home.

My experience (more than 5 and less than 12 years ago) necessitated a couple of appointments and a visit to hospital. At one of those visits, the clinic will perform an exam to assess how many weeks pregnant you are - you don't have to know in advance.
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My partner at the time had one at the Morgentaler Clinic. This was about 13 years ago now, but they are still around.
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Googling 'toronto abortion' brings up a list of abortion clinics. Call one of them and make an appointment. Very few people "know what to do" when it comes to abortions, the clinic will guide you through the process.

I know you don't want to tell anyone, but: bring a friend.
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Stay calm, you're going to get through this OK.

You have several good options. One of them is the Women's Care Clinic Toronto.
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If you've had a positive pregnancy test, you are at the very least 3 weeks pregnant - 4 if you tested after missing your period. Tests don't show positive before that (for some reason the first week of pregnancy begins with your last period, before you even ovulated). Try to find someone in your life you can trust this with, so you can have someone to go with you to the appointment. Feeling alone is part of what makes this so nerve-wracking.
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make an appointment with the Bay Centre for birth control. They totally know everything about women's reproductive health - and they are super nice and understanding, and will help you through this. I don't think they actually perform abortions, but I'm sure they can refer you to the clinics that do. And, it's ok, you can get through this, lots of women do.
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This must be incredibly scary, but you're going to be OK. After you've had a chance to process this a bit, you may want to reconsider not telling anyone else. When you get a little sleep and have had a chance to think through things a bit, see if there's anyone around you that you know would be supportive and who could even go to Toronto with you. It's your decision, of course.

Costs: This page from the National Abortion Foundation confirms that OHIP covers abortion in Ontario, although there are 2 private clinics, not NAF members, that charge fees above OHIP.

Finding a clinic: Here is the list of abortion clinics in Ontario. It looks as if Toronto, Ottawa and London are your only options, but I wouldn't take this as a final list. Call the NAF hotline tomorrow at 1-800-772-9100 to find out more.

The Google search is useful, but note that some pro-life centres come up, too. Even a place that looks like it could be an abortion clinic may be running a bait and switch. I wouldn't contact any clinic that was not verified by the NAF, the Bay Centre for Birth Control, or a similar pro-choice organization.

The Bay Centre for Birth Control doesn't do abortions, but if you're up and anxious tonight, reading through these pages should help you get a better idea of what the process will be like. The Canadian Federation for Sexual Health also has a lot of useful info here. Definitely call the Bay Centre tomorrow so you can hear a friendly voice on the phone and get specific advice.

Try to get some sleep. You'll get through this. If you want to ask more questions or give us feedback, contact Jessamyn and she can post for you.
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I am a male and have only the most nominal idea about what you are going through but I want to second and third and fourth the advice that you bring somebody with you.
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Emailed you, but information for anyone else who might be looking for abortion info in Toronto can be found on here on the Hassle Free Clinic website.
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Bloor West Village Women's Clinic. Be prepared to pay about $75 for medications. You can often get an appt for the next day, and it seems that they even take walk-ins. Only women work there.
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You can probably get a medical abortion (with pills instead of surgery) even if you're just a few weeks pregnant. You should read up on the process though to decide what is best for you. My understanding is that with the pills it is a longer and possibly more painful process - you have to go home and take the pills, then deal with cramping, then possibly go back to the clinic for a checkup. Even if you have to wait a few weeks for the surgical abortion, it will be over more quickly when you do it.
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I am an hour from Toronto too. All my friends that have had abortions around here have had it at the local hospitals (Pickering, Oakville, JoBrant, McMaster). As mentioned, free as it is covered by OHIP. I don't know anyone that used a clinic, sorry. In their cases they went to a Dr (not necessarily their regular Dr, a walk-in doc was fine) to confirm pregnancy and then set up the appointment for the abortion. None had any problems at all, at the time or later on.

You have a good plan in place. It sucks to go throw but you are making a smart decision. You are in my thoughts.
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Here's a good list of clinics in Toronto, what they offer, and what the medications/procedures are like.
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Just dropping a note to say that four weeks pregnant, according to the method used by physicians, doesn't mean the egg was fertilized four weeks ago. Pregnancy weeks are calculated from the beginning of the last menstrual period. So, the first day of your last menstrual period was the beginning of Week 1. At the end of Week 2, or approximately 14 days into your cycle, you ovulated. Then, you missed your period approximately two weeks after that, or at the end of the Week 4. That's when you're considered 4 weeks pregnant. From what I understand, and as has been mentioned by yarly upthread, if you are still early enough along, you might be able to get a medical abortion if the prospect of the surgical abortion scares you.

Go get a calendar and try to figure out when you started your last period. Think back to things you did in the past month or two, dinners out with friends, a night you saw a movie, maybe, a concert, anything you might do regularly during the week and during which you can remember having your period. Anything that can help you figure out the exact date you started. Looking at a physical calendar while you do this can be enormously helpful in jogging your memory.

I know this is scary. You're not doing anything wrong. You're going to be okay. Consider not going through this alone.
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I agree that you should consider telling a friend to see if they can come with you, but if that absolutely isn't an option, it might be okay. I'm in the US, which is a world away when it comes to such things, but here some clinics have people (staff? volunteers?) who are there just to provide emotional support for the woman having the abortion. When you make the appointment you could say you'll be coming in alone and see if they have resources you could use.
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As much as I love Mefites and their support for you in this situation, please only take medical advice from a medical professional.

Call Telehealth right now:
1-866-797-0000 TTY : 1-866-797-0007

There are nurses, doctors and pharmacists on hand to answer ANY health-related questions, any time, anonymously or not.
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