Ideas for activities for a largeish group of faculty/students
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I am on the planning committee of an annual event held by my grad program in which the students and faculty do various activities and performances, play games, and generally make fun of each other. I need some ideas, preferably involving laughter and/or making the faculty do slightly embarrassing stuff.

There are about 8 faculty and 30 students. We are renting out a fairly large room and have access to a a projector, a sound system, and a small amount of money to use to buy supplies. All attendees bring food, but there will be no alcohol.

Some past activities:
-Project runway- The students create (terrible) costumes for the faculty based on a theme they are given and the group chooses a winner
-Jeopardy- Faculty compete for candy
-Faculty skit- Faculty read from a script on the spot
-Faculty quiz- Group divides up into teams to try to fill out a multiple-choice quiz about faculty

As you can see, the goal is usually to use the faculty to make the students laugh. However, given that this is a grad program, the students are being constantly evaluated by the faculty, so it can't be anything too humiliating.

Any other suggestions? Bonus question: any ideas for silly party favors?
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Best answer: We occasionally do Minute To Win It style games for various events. The games are easy to put together, accessible, and funny without being too embarrassing.
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Let me offer forth my idea source for many such things: Whose Line is It Anyway.

I particularly like the silly hats and props games for good sources of fun. The idea is, you break the groups up into teams of 2-3, and give them access to a box of hats or a single prop (per team). They then have to do something funny with that prop/hat. repeatedly.
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Powerpoint Karaoke. Find some short, insanely technical decks out of your area (or create them) and have the faculty present them blind.
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We once did a thing where faculty provided pictures of themselves as children, and students had to guess who was who. You could do something similar with matching faculty members to pictures or descriptions of their pets, but that might be too easy if you all know each other well.
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Teams can compete in:
-Spontaneous limericks, haiku, or other poetry on assigned topics (eg species you study)
-Making up songs on assigned topics, choosing from a list of familiar melodies (tune of Yankee Doodle, tune of Happy Birthday, tune of I've Been Working on the Railroad)
-Charades with terms from your field
-Fill-in-the-blank jokes with terms from your field, drawn from a hat ("how many homeomeric confrabulators does it take to change a light bulb?"; "so 100 pygmy shrimp walk into a bar - the bartender says, what'll it be, and the 100 pygmy shrimp say..."; etc)
-Pin the tail on the donkey - with suitable items from your field ("pin the rigid designator on its crossworld referent")
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