Where is everyone talking about the books they read?
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Where can I find thoughtful book discussion and analysis on the internet?

When I finish novels I enjoy reading some analysis and comments on what other people have thought about the work. I have had trouble finding a quality website for this, with a useable interface and a large enough community for it to be fresh and interesting.

There must be some obvious place I am missing where I can get my interpretation and analysis kicks on the internet?
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Good Reads.
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Yeah, I've had good luck with goodreads. It works better for more obscure novels (anything likely to be assigned to students tends to have a lot of "This is my book report" reviews) but there's definitely thoughtful stuff there.
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I'm a LibraryThing member. It's a great way to catalog your library. Plus, you can request/win early review copies of books (so far, I've gotten two). There are also friends (connections) you can link to and lots of authors on there so you can see your library compatibility. You also can join groups and discuss what you're reading, etc.
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I seem to be plugging them a lot lately, but the Something Awful forums have a book subforum. I've only skimmed through it, but it seems pretty good.
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I second the SA forums, although with the caveat that there is a fee to join (one time) and a separate fee for search ability. Because there's a paywall, there's pretty good discussion in the 'below the fold' forums like The Book Barn; I've rarely seen threads in the forums I go into go...stereotypical.
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There are quite a few such sites. GoodReads, Librarything and Shelfari (owned by Amazon), and aNobii are probably the most popular, with GoodReads growing the fastest. Try them out and see which you like.
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Also BookCrossing which has meetups all over the world and forums and a lot of people who love to discuss books - you can also review your own books, send them out into the world and see what other people think of them.
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