How to get burned CD's working right
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Having problem with CD's burned using Windows Media Player and I need help FAST.

I am burning CD's for an extensive dance show using Windows Media Player, and I am experiencing a bizarre problem. Whenever I put the CD's into a player, it cuts off the first half-second or so of the songs. This is a critical problem, as many of the cues are very sharp. I do not have this problem when I play the CD on my laptop. How can I fix this ASAP?
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Is this a cd that's supposed to be continuously mixed? If so, go to burn options, and make sure you have 'burn without gaps' checked.
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What version of Windows, and what version of Windows Media Player? What file types are you burning (MP3 / WAV / WMA)?
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Response by poster: It is not meant to be continously mixed. Clicking or unclicking "burn without gaps" has made no difference for this problem.
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Response by poster: Windows 7, whatever version of Media Player came with a laptop purchased summer of last year (can't find any "about" tab for it), mostly MP3's, a couple of MPEG-4 or Windows Media Audio files.
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Try using itunes -- see if you still have the problem?
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Response by poster: Is that a free download? Please feel free to assume I am a complete idiot. I am used to doing this with reel-to-reel tapes.
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Itunes is free. You can download it here:
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Previous similar question. I recommend Burrrn, the main site is down but you can still get it from a Softpedia mirror.
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I would absolutely not get iTunes just to burn a cd. Get CDBurnerXP.
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Second Burrrn or CDBurnerXP. Burrrn is dead simple but will only work with the mp3 files -- I'm not sure about CDBurnerXP. Avoid installing iTunes just for this, it's horribly bloaty and will take over a bunch of your file extensions and browser plugins.
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Burrrn is dead simple but will only work with the mp3 files

I don't think this is true, I haven't used Burrrn for a few years since I don't listen to CDs anymore but I believe it used to work fine with all the major lossy and lossless file types: mp3, flac, wavpack, vorbis, etc.
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