Chicago Girls' Trip Music Needed
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What are some vibey music venues (indie, rock, blues) and restaurants we should not miss in Chicago? The more unique local flavor the better.

Headed to Chicago for ladies' weekend (ages 35-40), April 1-4 staying at Sax Hotel.
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Buddy Guy's Legends (just saw him perform over the weekend - the old dude can still rock the house!)
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The Empty Bottle, Schuba's and the Double Door for indie rock.
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Oh, and if you can make it to Hot Doug's - you'll have the best encased meat in all of Chicago. Go on Saturday for duck fat fries. Be prepared to wait in line.
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The Hideout!! The homiest of home-town seemingly secret clubs. It's in an industrial area and the street in front is all torn up right now, but it's very welcoming on the inside. If you're in town the night of the 4th, go see Robbie Fulks.

There are tons of venues though. Chicago Reader will have all the listings you need.
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Lincoln Hall is about a 10-15 minute cab ride from your hotel. Back in September I saw Marina and the Diamonds there, it might be my favorite show ever. There's a bar and grill out front with tasty, tasty appetizers.
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Martyr's is a great venue. I'll throw it into the mix of the other great places already mentioned. Definitely check out the Reader's listings then go for which ever band(s) fit your mood.
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2nding the Hideout and Hot Doug's...always a good time. Also look at what's playing at The Empty Bottle and The Green Mill (for Jazz). If something piques your interest at the Logan Square Auditorium, Lula Cafe is just next door and remains one of my favorite dining spots in Chicago.

Also, Irazu for Costa Rican food is in the general neighborhood (another short cab ride) as many of the places listed above. Gapers Block is another good resource outside of the reader.
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Lee's Unleaded Blues in Grand Crossing. It's small and hard to get to on public transit, but it has no shortage of flavor. Seconding Green Mill, Empty Bottle, and Hideout.
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Pick up a copy of the Reader and visit Gapers Block (self-link; thanks shrimpsmalls!) for a good picture of what's going on while you're in town. Any and all of the above venues are cool, but only if you're interested in who's playing.

Restaurants: Get a reservation for The Publican if you're into meat, seafood and beer. Hit Al's #1 on Taylor Street or Mr. Beef on Orleans for an Italian beef -- it's as quintessentially Chicago as a hot dog or pizza. If you'd like to explore a neighborhood, Andersonville is a great neighborhood to check out. Lots of good restaurants and bars, and plenty of neat boutiques if you're interested in shopping.
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Thanks for all of the great suggestions. Trip was a success. Music venues hit were The Green Mill and Rosa's Blues Bar. We tried to hit the Double Door, but Black Joe Lewis was sold out that night.

For food and drinks- The Violet Hour (Drinks), Big Star, Coco Pazzo, Hugo's Frog Bar, The Gage, Rockit

Comedy - Second City
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