Help me find some funky old skool rap
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I'm looking for an old skool rap song from the 90s, with the chorus from "My Girl" by the Temptations. Can anyone point to the artist?

it goes like this

How you doin yo my name is gee, you’re the type of girl that belongs to me
I love the way you walk, talk and all that
I wanna step to you, with a smooth back
You’re so tasty, you’re good enough to snack on
You’re the type o girl all the fellas smack on
You’re playin hard to get but I love a challenge
If beauty was a skill then you’ve got the talent
I’m serious girl I’m not fakin it
I could look at you all day and night and hold you tight
In the moonlight
Staring at you is a gift to my eyesight
If you weren’t true… (don’t remember this part)

You got it goin girl
Take my hand and I’ll lead you to my world
From now on you’re gona be my girl

Verse 2 my girl is faithful she knows the time
She loves me with heart body soul mind
Yes I must confess when it comes to expressing love she’s the best
When I’m hungry she cooks me a meal
Like babyface says ‘You’ve got that wip up appeal’
We’ve got it good girl nothing can shake us
Too strong nothing can break us
I’ll mesmerize ya hypnotize ya
Touch ya make your temperature higha
Make you put fire burn like fire
This relationship will never expire
It’s on
Like a lifetime warrantee
For as long as you want it to be
You worth more than any diamond or pearl
I wouldn’t trade nothin’ for my girl

CHORUS (my girl like the temptations)

Verse 3. what does destiny hold for our future
Married with kids whatever suits ya
All I can see is positivity
With all the love that you give to me (? Not sure of this line)
The book of love you must’ve wrote it
I’ve never seen anyone so devoted
You’ll be my number O.N.E. as long as you L.O.V.E.
(something to do with ocean and potion)

I can't seem to find it... I found these lyrics on google, but I can't find the person who sang it (rapped it). Help me out, hive mind?
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R.O.C. - Dedicated to My Girl
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*edit* googly beat me to the punch.
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Response by poster: you guys rock. Thanks!
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