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[European Football League Periodical Filter]My 8-year-old son enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports. He has recently latched on to being very into the Barclay's Premier League, La Liga, and the Bundesliga. Help me find a season preview periodical or magazine that he can pore over. Examples of what I mean inside...

Examples of American sports publications that I'm referring to include an NFL Season Preview and an NBA Season Preview. I know that a lot of the impetus for these publications is fantasy sports, which is not quite as big a deal for European football.

He loves to read over stat pages, season summaries, and roster depth charts, then choosing who he wants to emulate in our back yard. I know that the demand for such a thing is probably not all that high in the US, so I'm imploring some European hivemind help.

I would imagine that such things would come out in early to mid-August for the next "season." I don't mind having to order from across the Atlantic.
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Best answer: For the English Premier League take a look at the Sky Sports Football Yearbook. New edition will be released in August. The 2010-11 edition is there too, though you'll have to buy from the marketplace.

I haven't bought one for years (it was the Rothman's Football Yearbook when I was growing up), but it was known for its accuracy and was crammed with info.
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Assuming you don't mind the gambling aspect, things like betting preview handbooks might be what you're looking for. Because sports gambling is legal across the pond, a lot of the statistics around football are organized towards that end, so maybe that's your fantasy football parallel. There's a lot of specific stat information in there, like how often teams score from corners and when, which teams tend to score late, early, etc.

There's also the official Football League Review, which is published by the FA. I'm a little uncertain about that one, though; they appear to selling the 2010-2011 book as a season review, but it seems like it ought to be a preview. It was published in July 2010, so maybe they're just using the word "review" differently than I would.
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Best answer: Match Magazine is a weekly football mag aimed at 8-13 year olds, with posters and silly captains and the like - it's EPL-centric but they'll very happily but Messi or Kaka or the cover. I can't vouch for its quality now but when I was growing up I read it religiously. I'd imagine their annual would be perfect for a bright eight year old, and he might well like the weekly mag as well.
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I'm not a huge sports fan, but I know that Four Four Two is one of the bigger football magazines in the UK. As I'm not a football fan, I've never actually read it and I'm not sure if it would have all the info he's looking for (charts and such).
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