Have bike, will travel! Mystic, CT edition
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Vacationing in Mystic, CT area April 22-24. 2 couples, 4 bikes, 1 van. Everyone is late 20s early 30s. Need trails, food and entertainment.

1. Where can we bike? We prefer a nice long trail (circular trails would be awesome, but we can always double back).
2. What else is a must do in Mystic and surrounding areas?
3. Where are the must eat places?
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as to food:
i got married in mystic and pizzetta catered it. have the mac and cheese pizza. it's the best.
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Do you know about the casinos? Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are about ten miles away. They have gambling, clubs, arcades, live shows, music and restaurants by celeb chefs (Bobby Flay, Todd English, Tom Collichio, David Burke). Also nearby is the Mashantucket Pequot museum of the native Americans of the area.
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If you're at all interested in the maritime history of New England and the US, the Mystic Seaport is really one of a kind. Their flagship, the whaler Charles W. Morgan, was in a dry dock when we were there last summer, but it was cool to see the hull and the keel and everything. They have other ships afloat and enough exhibits, etc., to see in a morning or afternoon, if you move along. (So, shoot me, I'm a sail geek...)

The lighthouse in Stonington is beautiful, with a beautiful view - iconic New England. It would be a nice bike ride out to their from in town in Mystic.

Your schedule doesn't allow it, but I'll post anyway for future searchers: if you want lobster, go to Abbott's, in Noank. My family's eaten and purchased fresh lobster there for 60 years. It's cheap (well, "er," anyway...) and fresh as in "they unloaded it this morning."
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Bluff point state park can be reached at the south end of Depot Rd. It is a nice walk and some people bike out there. It isn't a great place for a vigorous bike ride since it is a combination of people and bicycles which means you have to bike slowly. It's a good place for a bicycle stroll. You might prefer a walk there then you would be able to explore the wood and estuary.

There is the Mystic Aquarium which really isn't bad. It's no Monterey Bay Aquarium but it's good for it's size.

There's Olde Mystic Village which is a bunch of shops. Might not be your thing.

I'm sure you are aware of the Mystic Seaport.

On Water St. there is a quirky shop call Mystic Emporium or something. Also near the bridge over the Mystic River there are some other shops.

Outside of Mystic there are some other things you might want to see. There is the Submarine Museum in Groton.

I usually stop by the Connecticut College Arboretum when I'm in the area. That is an excellent place for a walk. This time of year it might be a little muddy so ware some boots.

There is also Fort Griswald and Fort Trumbull which are parks with Civil War forts.
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Mystic Pizza (but don't be too disappointed, the food isn't that great), Mystic Aquarium is nice, Mystic Seaport & art gallery is worth a trip as well. Not too sure of bike trails, but if you head up rte 1 towards Stonington, the Borough is bikeable (I used to do it often). There you will find Water St Cafe , and Noah's , two of my most favorite restaurants ever. And past that is Pawcatuck, CT and Westerly RI. Great beaches in Westerly and a bunch of great restaurants as well. In Pawcatuck, see if you can get in for a tour at Cottrel Brewery, which is the basis for the fictional local brewery in Family Guy. Also in Mystic, either of the Mystic Markets (east or west) offer the perfect makings for a picnic lunch. Then bike out to Stonington Vineyard and pair it with a great local bottle of wine on their outdoor patio.
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If you're in Mystic and you want pizza, don't fall for the tourist trap that is Mystic Pizza. Instead, check out Angie's Pizza - no frills, but good prices and tasty pies.

If any of you are the young-at-heart type, Mystical Toys toy store is a lot of fun - puzzles, science kits, old fashioned toys.
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I ate some nice steak here once; they bring it (or shrimp, or chicken) to you on one a' them hot rocks so you can let it cook to your preferred level of doneness.
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Response by poster: All great answers so far (most of them are now added to my google map). Now if we can just find a great trail to ride =c) We even wouldn't mind driving out there if it's not too far. Anyone?
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Here is the website for Pequot Cyclists biking club in the area. You may be able to contact them for details about trails or rides.
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You are looking for paved rail trails and greenways, yes? How far are you willing to drive? CT kind of hates cyclists (yup, I am bitter).
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Response by poster: @CathyG, will give em a call thanks
@smalls something like that, we have all have hybrids, so a little rough is ok, but not mountany is possible. Driving wise, within an hours probably OK.
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Best answer: Since you have hybrids, I think your best bet is going to be the Airline State Park Trail. Most of this trail is crushed stone ballast, so it would be appropriate for hybrid bikes. It's a heavily wooded trail that doesn't get a lot of traffic, making it easy to bike. This is the closest rail trail I can think of for you with a decent length.
The main problem is that I access the trail from the other end (East Hampton), and I'm a runner so I haven't gone more than 10 miles in one direction on it in a few years. So I can't tell you what it's like on the side you'll most likely be accessing it from (probably Colchester). It's hard to get information on this trail as it is still being developed in portions. Definitely google around on this one before heading out.

Finally, Mystic Cycle Centre is the local bike shop in town, and would be a good stop for details on more local rides. They always have hybrids for rent out front, so they must be sending those people somewhere!
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