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Asking for a friend: Accountant in NYC?

I've seen all the previous "accountant in NYC" questions, but the answers are all, "I'll MeMail you some names." Not hugely helpful for doing a search, but feel free to MeMail us some names. :)

Anyhoo, my friend has tricky taxes this year: She's worked three different jobs in two states.

First, she was a contractor in Atlanta, GA at the start of the year. Then, she moved to NYC and worked first as a freelancer, then a contractor for a small company in Brooklyn, then as an intern, and is now a full time staffer at a large company. She's also moved within the year.

Needless to say, she needs someone who can help her with her taxes

He/she should be:

*familiar with creative professions and freelancing
*good at handling out of state taxes
*located in lower Manhattan or the Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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Best answer: My wife and I have equally tricky taxes - multiple incomes, various states. We've been going to these guys for many years. Not in lower Manhattan but maybe worth the trip?

Sidney Kaufman and Associates ( We see Curt Gurskin)
160 W 71ST St
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Best answer: Shelly Jacobsen and her minions at SJ Tax Associates on 19th Street have done both my small business and my individual taxes brilliantly for 15 years.
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Best answer: I second the Sidney Kaufman recommendation.
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Response by poster: Gah, sorry for all the weird grammar errors—busy work day! And my friend thanks you very much.
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