How do I play my video right-side up?
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Android Help: When I transfer a video from my HTC phone to my PC, it plays upside-down. How do I fix this, please? Does it have something to do with how I shot the video? Isn't there a "rotate" button on Windows Media Player?

....Everything I've googled seems to be four years old and is about video problems with Windows Vista or XP (I have Windows 7). This might be blindingly easy, but I need remedial help with most technology. Thanks.
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How do you hold the phone? On my HTC Desire it assumes you hold it sideways (landscape) with the buttons/base of the phone on the right. If I flip it over (with the base of the phone on the left), the on-screen icons and timestamp stay where they are and don't flip over to match.
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Response by poster: I think I may have shot these two videos (important because they were taken at a family reunion) vertically, what you might consider right-side up if you were talking on the phone.
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Windows Media Player doesn't have a rotate option, but Windows Movie Maker does, and I think it ships stock on all Windows machines these days. It's one of the filter effects, and you can just plug the whole movie into it and rotate it 180 degrees.
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Windows Movie Maker is a free download from the Microsoft site if you don't have it already.
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if you prefer open source...

How to rotate a video 90 degrees (or 180) in VLC
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Seconding VLC for all your video/audio needs - once you start using it, you'll never use Media Player again.
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