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I just came out as transgendered in the past few days, and one thing that's immediately apparent is that I'm going to need a new line of work. I've worked in bars and restaurants for about ten years now, and it's not the kind of business that's kind on somebody in the middle of changing their sex. So, does anybody know of any kind of career that would be more open to a barely-educated MTF?
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I have known two transgendered people who have worked in telemarketing.
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I work with both transitioned and transitioning trans people in software development.
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Best answer: Weird thing, but I live in Philadelphia, which has a thriving gayborhood with many, many LGBTetc friendly places. I've also had many a beautiful trans people as servers, and I don't think I blinked an eye. I'm not sure where you are, but you may be underestimating people!

On preview, I see that you live in Philly, too! Nice to meet you! I'm sorry if you'd had terrible experiences here. If you've already checked the gayborhood bars and restaurants (even if that's not your crowd, they would certainly be more open to trans-folk), it might help to know if you have any other skills. Are you interested in going back to school? I have personally know a few people who have been gender queer and worked at whole foods. I'm sure you could go for any retail job, but I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and there will always be assholes. I hope your transition is peaceful. If you are new to Philly and/or just want to talk, memail me. Stay strong!
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Try the gay-friendly bars. I'm not in Philly, but there should be some bars specifically for MTF bartenders, waiters, etc.
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The arts tend to be environments that will be more welcoming for LGBT folks -- what about checking out restaurant/catering positions (or non-restaurant entry-level jobs, e.g., cashiering) at museums, the symphony, etc.?
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Best answer: Check out Idealist. It is a job site for non-profits and the like. Some organizations would not only be alright with you working there, but actually see you as an asset. Take a look and see what you find.

And congrats on coming out! Well done.
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Telemarketing -- and phone-based work in general -- can be helpful for trans people in transition because it requires the use of your voice, non-stop, all day, which is very helpful when you get to training your voice. I worked in Social Services while I transitioned, and constant conversation with service users and staff was what really solidified my voice training.
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Totally agree with Idealist, also check out health services, particularly HIV healthcare agencies. I've worked in the HIV field for going on 20 years now and have worked with many transfolk. Totally welcoming environment.

All the best to you!
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I second two lights above the sea. I've had trans servers in Phila before. I also met a mtf person at a party once and they worked at an outreach program for at risk lgbt youth.

Maybe it would help if you connected with other trans people and asked them what kind of timeline they had in regards to gender shift and employment shift. Acceptance issues aside, it would be helpful to have some sort of idea of how to go about any legal name changes or gender status changes for your work documentation (taxes and all that fun stuff).
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