Mystery Vase Squad Activate!
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Mystery Pottery Filter: Does anyone recognize this maker's mark?

The vase was purchased at a yard sale here, so I don't know anything else about this piece. I'd love to find out more about it.
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It looks like a personal signature to me, not a manufacturer's mark (like from a factory). The person was certainly a professional, but past that, I'm not sure. Did the seller know anything about it?
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As a sometimes potter...I must say you have an almost impossible task. People who make pots usually make A LOT of pots -- many times with multiple variations of the maker's mark. Without seeing the rest of the piece, I can't say whether it's more likely a professional or more likely an amateur.

It's definitely hand-made and definitely hand-signed, but beyond that, it's hard to say. There are many online directories for identifying commercial potteries, and you can find marks for some of the famous potters done by hand, but for your ordinary craftsperson, not so much.

You might have better luck checking with local craftspeople in your area. Here in Austin, even though it's a city of decent size, potters all seem to know each other, or know somebody who knows somebody. If you can can find a local craft guild, they may be your best bet. Good luck!
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Though the blistered and messy glaze could be a bad one off, or even on purpose, the messy toolwork on the foot of the pot suggests an amateur.
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Looking at it I also guess a decent amateur. Your best bet is to ask the person you purchased it from.
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