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I know bananas are good for you and all, but I hate the taste and texture. Other fruits that have some of the same benefits (sold in US markets)?
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avocados have (according to wikipedia) 60% more potassium than bananas
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If it's potassium you're after, bananas are not even all that good a source, per calorie. If you eat lots of other fruits and vegetables, your body won't miss bananas at all.
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Blueberries are considered a superfood and are very good for you.
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The only positive effect of bananas on which I have been banking for a while is their alleged beta-blocker effect, which helps control the side-effects of adrenaline spikes through public (musical) performances, reducing the nervous shaking of hands and fingers.

What bananas, however, also do is to spike one's insulin levels, and after some 35 or so minutes of being not so nervous and relatively nicely concentrated, one gets get that gaping hollow in one's head caused by a blood sugar dip. One ends up making a lot of mistakes with perfectly non-shaking hands, and so I sopped eating them almost altogether. I can't say I miss them greatly. Listen to unixrat.
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See the "Fruits" list in The World's Healthiest Foods. Yes, bananas are one of them, but just one of many.

A quick Google search of [fruit potassium] gives this list. For instance, 1 cup of cubed cantaloupe has about the same amount as 1 banana. Others with just slightly less potassium are mangos, kiwis, and pears.

Another quick Google search [fruit vitamin b6] turns up this page, which has a list of fruits that, like bananas, are high in vitamin B6:

Passion Fruit

(I'm not sure what the above commenters are talking about when they say bananas aren't very good for you / aren't a good source of potassium, though that's not your question. A medium-sized banana has almost 500 mg of potassium. That's a quarter of the recommended daily intake according to this. Note that too much potassium can be bad for you, as that link explains.)
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Coconut water is high in potassium and has benefitted from a recent marketing push - should be easy to find.
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I second asphericalcow's statement. The "healthy" thing bananas are most well known for is potassium, and coconut water has more potassium and less sugar per serving than a banana.
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If you want to stick with the bananas, you could always make ice cream out of them, no other ingredients required!
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Bananas aren't a major food group or anything. Plenty of cultures exist and thrive without access to bananas. You're overthinking it. Eat a balanced diet with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of many different colors, and you'll be just fine.
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Response by poster: @telegraph, how am I overthinking this, and how would you know what my brain is doing? I'm just asking a question. Kinda what people do here.
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Fair enough. I think what telegraph might have meant, and what other people have addressed as well, is that you're not missing out anything vital in your diet if you don't eat bananas (or most anything, for that matter, whose taste and texture is appalling to you). If you otherwise eat healthy (unlike the person this post is about), and drink enough, you're likely fine.
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It's on that list, but definitely dried dates if you live near Southern California. You can live off just dates and milk for several months out of the year and be fine, according to my Environmental History of the Middle East class.
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I don't really eat bananas - they're gross. Orange juice is very high in potassium if that's what you're after. As long as your diet includes a generous variety of fruits and vegetables, I think you're cool.
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