My hair needs help!
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Does anyone know where I can find this Remington Airwave hair dryer, or similar? It's "currently unavailable" on Amazon, and I'm afraid it may be out of stock or something.

I've been looking for a way to make my wavy/curly/poofy hair dry well, and quickly, without the usual frizz and such. This dryer seems perfect, but Amazon doesn't currently have it, nor can I find it on eBay or Remington's site. Where can I buy one, or something very similar?

I'm looking to style my hair more quickly/easily, as blow-drying usually makes my hair poof up horribly and take forever to straighten. When I straighten it, humidity makes it curl anyway, but only in certain places. If I don't blow-dry or straighten it at all, the curls are uneven and my hair has no volume on top. I'd really like to find a better solution for styling my hair, as I will have 8 o'clock class every morning for summer classes and don't want to take so long getting ready.

If I can't find a dryer like this, how can I best style my hair? I've tried John Frieda's Dream Curls spray, with some success, but scrunching my hair doesn't work well, for the reasons stated. To make it worse, I've got bangs I'm trying to grow out.
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I think I meant "out of production," sorry. Obviously it's out of stock.
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Why don't you contact Remington and ask what's replaced it? They've probably just changed the model number or something. 800-392-6544.
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Can't help with the Remington hair dryer, but you to reduce frizz, you could use the "pixie curl" method with a regular diffuser. Here's a video demonstration.
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