I need software to handle my company's job vacancies
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What software does your company use to handle your company's vacancy listings online?

My healthcare organization with about 2,000 employees currently uses a custom application written in PHP to list vacancies and gather applicants. It doesn't work very well and we are looking for something else. We need the following rather typical things:

1. To list vacancies by location
2. To allow applicants to have an account so they only have to enter their resume info once.
3. Play nicely with HR's management software, Lawson.
4. People here, like most in healthcare, are extremely sensitive to privacy and any online application needs to appear to belong to us
5. Many of our applicants are not very tech savvy so the interface needs to be very easy to use.

I have no experience with HR and don't even know the name of what I am looking for. Anybody have some good advice or options?
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brassring (which will redirect to Kenexa)
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We use Taleo for recruitment. We're a 500 person post-secondary arts school that blooms to 800 staff in the summer.
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I think the resumator might fit the bill.
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I work for a small services company in the US. I know that at one point in time, we used Taleo.
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You're looking for applicant tracking systems. Some are Taleo, Hirebridge, Brassring, but there are many others.
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I've used Taleo in both a healthcare and a hospitality setting. I've also used Monster's applicant tracking suite, which plays pretty well with Lawson.
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