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Old Sci Fi Movie Filter: Movie was seen on tv, at least 15 years ago, set on a planet with 2 suns, but the movie was shot with lots of dark atmospheric feeling. A group of young people (at an orphanage?) are reaching puberty, which means they aren't supposed to be able to morph into other creatures any more, but one young man continues to change, possibly into a crow-like figure.

(This is for a friend, so I won't be able to respond until I've talked to her -- probably tomorrow)

Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance from my friend.
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Best answer: Sounds like White Dwarf. Here's a youtube clip of the "tissue glove" scene (one of the more memorable moments to my then 13 year-old brain).
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Best answer: It's definitely White Dwarf. Kurosawa's Red Beard reimagined as anachronistic sci-fi. (You can bet Joss Whedon was taking notes.) Too bad Fox didn't pick up the pilot.

The full movie.
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