Trying to Branch Out on the Web
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I'm looking for new forums and online communities where people talk intelligently about art, the internet, and video games (preferably all three). Not looking for general, all-purpose sites like Reddit or subsections of those sites, individual blogs, or twitter feeds.

I don't even know if I really have a good example, but I'm looking for stuff that's less link-blog and more traditional BBCode forum. I'd also like the place to be intelligent, but still retain some fun and wildness. Free would be nice, but if there's an open archive for me to browse that would be cool too.
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How about Talking Time or NeoGAF (or, really, Off-Topic NeoGAF)? Both video gaming forums, where people talk about non-video game stuff on the side.
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The Something Awful forums sound right up your alley. Not free, though, but worth it.
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Response by poster: I'm already familiar with the SomethingAwful forums as a lurker. I'm trying to branch out from them a little bit.
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Response by poster: Maybe I should've clarified a bit in the OP. I like SomethingAwful, but often find the locked down nature of the moderation, and the huge, huge userbase to be a turnoff. I'm looking for something that's a bit like SA but maybe more grown up and less restricted.
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How about I love everything?
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The GameFAQs boards are still very active. I used to post there quite a lot, and there are a variety of board sections other than video games.
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For gaming: Gamers With Jobs forum or Idle Thumbs forum? GWJ is the higher traffic of the two.
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GameFilter is a game-centric MetaFilter clone that started up just a few weeks ago. It's not a large site by any means, but it has a lot of Mefites there already. There's also the read-only Kill Screen (started by a Mefite) and the group blog Full Glass, Empty Clip (ditto).
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