How can I find sales price information for Vancouver BC?
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Where can I find reliable Vancouver condo sale price information?

I'm looking for recent data on average prices per square foot for Vancouver (BC) condo/apartment sales. Unfortunately, it's really hard to find information that isn't on scummy SEO realtor websites.

This is fairly time-sensitive, so I'm primarily looking for online resources but I'll take what I can get.

Some things I've considered and rejected:

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver posts Housing Price Index data from MLSLink, but unfortunately they don't list the square footage of their benchmark property so I can't calculate price per square foot.

Vancouver Condo Report might do the trick, but they consider sales data for all of Greater Vancouver - I'm looking for Vancouver specifically.

Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: I should clarify that I'm looking for something I can cite - so quotes from some random realtor in the Sun or Province are helpful, but not quite what I'm looking for.
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Best answer: Can you ask a real estate agent to pull sales in the past X from MLS for you and calculate the average price/square foot yourself? You can cite this as "author's analysis of home sales in March 2011" or whatever. This will require either a real estate agent friend or willingness to pay a real estate agent. However, it would give you the advantage of limiting your homes further if you like (e.g. only single-family homes, or not condos, etc.)
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My realtor pulls the MLS sales and emails them to me. She does it by neighbourhood.
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Response by poster: Looks like I'll have to go through a realtor - unfortunate, but not hugely surprising. Thanks for the feedback!
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Best answer: Vancouver Condo Report, which you linked, allows you to specify smaller regions, such as Westside or Eastside Vancouver, and even select high rises, low rises or townhouses using the calculator (and then the results include real sales data).
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Response by poster: Oh cripes, I have no idea how I missed that - I looked at the first results of that calculator and completely missed the real sales data including psf prices. Thanks so much!
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