My extremely obscure, nerdy question about Star Trek
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Is there any connection between the Nemesis movie script described in the movie Trekkies and the last ST:TNG movie, Star Trek: Nemesis?

This may be a complete coincidence, but I can't find any information online about this, and I've been curious about it ever since the Nemesis movie came out.

In the 1997 documentary Trekkies, this kid describes a movie script his local Star Trek club has been working on. He (adorably) presents to the camera some very impressive visual effects he created of a star station, a Romulan Armada, and a trailer logo. The name of the movie? StarStation Nemesis.

In 2002, a new Star Trek film was released, Star Trek: Nemesis. This film was, up until then, the only movie in the Star Trek franchise prominently featuring Romulans as the Big Bad.

The name and the subject matter just seem too... coincidental for me. I've always wondered if there was some connection. But based on my Google-fu, it looks like I may be the only one wondering this? I can't find any information at all. I know that Star Trek had an open script policy, and I would imagine that if the group had completed their script, they would have submitted it in time to be considered for a 2002 movie release.

I just wonder, what are the chances that the two are related? What would be the chance that a scriptwriter in Hollywood somewhere read their submission, and used it as inspiration somehow for the movie script? Part of the problem is that, other than Romulans and a space station, I have no clue what their club script is about, so I can't actually compare the story lines.
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Best answer: Interesting connection. But I don't think any has ever been acknowledged. Some other influences are described in the terrible script by John Logan, who writes stage directions like "Shinzon's REMAN WARRIORS are sinister children of the night. It's like something from a Tim Burton movie!" and "Riker's in a hallway that's like something out of ALIENS."
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Best answer: The screenwriter for Nemesis also ripped off a number of very obvious bits from Lois McMaster Bujold novels (the ambitious abandoned clone from "Brothers in Arms", the use of a spaceship as a battering ram from "Warrior's Apprentice"). There were a couple others that I noticed in a white-hot nerd fury at the time.

It's reassuring to know that there's something for EVERYBODY to relate to in this movie.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the notes guys! It seems like he drew "inspiration" from lots of places... hell, maybe I'll e-mail the kid in the movie and see what he says about it.
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