Foiled by the cost of aluminum
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I've got this aluminum alley door (28" x 70" avec mounting door post), that I don't want. I'm told solid aluminum doors like this are expensive, which made me wonder if I could sell it. Which, because I can't seem to find anything comparable on the net, brings me in turn to my question: what should I ask for it when I post it on Craig's List? And if there's a better way to sell it than Craig's List (such as selling it to a scrap dealer), please enlighten me.
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How much does it weigh? Scrap aluminum is worth from 50 to 80 cents per pound these days, more or less.

If somebody wants it as a door and is going to buy it off you, they will likely pay more than the scrap value.

I'd list it for $50 or best offer.
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Are you certain that is aluminum? Keep in mind that stainless steel can also be non-magnetic and, while I am looking only on my tiny phone screen, it appears to be stainless ste from here.
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Aluminum welds tend to look more like beads of caulk or a toothpaste ?stream? along where two parts meet. Aluminum also tends to oxydize or get a dusty appearance after time.

The pic looks more like NMSS (Non-magnetic stainless steel).

Aluminum is easy to scratch, NMSS not so. The aluminum extrusions would be thicker too.

Looks like aluminum extrusions and NMSS panels to me.
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Response by poster: Hmm, you probably are right, it's stainless steel. I had always thought of it as a steel door, actually, and don't know why I described it as aluminum here. Is stainless steel worth more or less than aluminum in terms of scrap deals?
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I'm not certain about the scrap value of S/S v. Aluminum but I do know that at the scrap yard where I take my metals, brass, copper and aluminum, when sorted fetch higher prices. No one has ever mentioned the same for S/S. Maybe someone would be interested in repurposing those panels for a kitchen back splash though — behind a stove in particular? I know I would.
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