How to quiet my Camry alarm?
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The alarm on my 1995 Toyota Camry is going off for no reason! I need help figuring out why!

The alarm of my 1995 Camry wagon is going off instantaneously the moment I connect the battery. I have tried turning the key of the car in all kinds of combinations in the door and the ignition to no results. No dealer or repair person has given me any useful idea. HELP!!
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An old Toyota I used to own had this when water got in the alarm box and presumably shorted a connection somewhere. The alarm went off continuously, although only at a limited volume.

Ended up disconnecting the alarm and selling the car.

Probably not the most help, sorry.
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My old Corolla had a kill switch on the lower part of the dash board. Here's a how-to for the Camry.
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Does your 16-year-old car still need an alarm? What's the condition of it?
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I have the manual. It says the system will give the alarm under the following conditions:

1. If any of the doors is unlocked or if the trunk or hood is forcibly opened without the key or wireless remote control.

2. If the battery terminal is disconnected and then reconnected.

So it's not going off for no reason. Apparently it won't shut off for some reason.

Stopping the alarm:

1. Turn the ignition key from the "lock" to the "on" position.

2. Unlock any of the doors with the key or wireless remote control.

3. Open the trunk with the key.

You've tried 1 and 2, so maybe try the trunk.
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My 96 camry was doing this a couple years ago after some work in the shop. None of WGP's suggestions would stop it. I told them to cut the wire that feeds power to the alarm. The likelihood of a theft being attempted and it then being deterred by an alarm is pretty small where I live. YMMV.
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