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A question for the deep psych heads: I've been listening to Roger McGuinn and David Crosby's playing on the backing track for "Eight Miles High" constantly this week, and am looking for recommendations for more exceptional, electric, 60s, Indian-influenced psych. Bonus points for really obscure US/UK, and anything from points beyond.
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Ananda Shankar.
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Jefferson Airplane's album After Bathing At Baxter's has a lot of what you're looking for. And it's a great album.
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See My Friends - The Kinks
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I've always loved Chicken Wire Lady by the Blues Magoos.
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East-West by the Butterfield Blues band is the first thing that comes to mind. Bloomfield tears it up as usual...
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Country Joe and the Fish were among the earliest, if not the earliest, India-influenced psychedelics. Section 43 off Electric Music for the Mind and Body is one example.
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I've been looking for the earlier, EP version of Section 43, which is even better, but I haven't been able to find it. But here's Bass Strings off Electric Music for the Mind and Body and Section 43 live at Monterey.
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A slight derail, and definitely not 60s, but don't miss the Husker Du version of Eight Miles High.
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1973, but hey, the sixties lasted until the early seventies: Love Devotion Surrender John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana
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Let me introduce you to the Incredible String Band. This is probably their most famous song but they have a lot of stuff that's more sitar/Indian influenced than Celtic.
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mygothlaundry: Definitely - ISB's "The Half-Remarkable Question" is actually another song that inspired this question. I've been geeking out over this stuff for a while (though did manage to overlook "Electric Music for the Mind and Body" up until now), so am looking for really off-the-beaten track stuff, album cuts from big names that might not obviously be associated w/this sound, or non-US/UK bands that I might not be aware of.
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Oriental Sunshine.
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Chocolate watchband - Inner Mystique
Pretty things - SF sorrow
July - July

Those are three classics. They're not 100% Indian influenced but have moments of eastern sounds. Check em out.
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