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"Don't get on the train, Katherine. I love you. Don't you see? Those days you walked in the heather(?). They meant so much when we were together. Don't get on the train, Katherine." Do you recognize the movie/book this quote comes from?

In concert, musician Glen Hansard is known to drop lines from movies or books (or other songs really), into the middle of his own songs. For a time in 2002, he dropped these specific lines into The Frames song "Pavement Tune" on multiple occasions. You can watch a clip of him doing so here. (Scroll down to "Pavement Tune" and jump to 2:15).

Does anyone here recognize these lines and know where they come from? I haven't had any luck with the Google. Thanks.
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Forgot to add: at another concert, the quote was slightly different: "Don't get on the train, Katherine. I love you. I'm being honest. From the first moment I saw you."
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Could it be from a modern adaptation of Wuthering Heights?
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I want to say The South by Colm Tobin, when Katherine goes back? I don't have the book here or I'd check for you. Great book, btw. I keep giving my copies away.
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Maybe he was just riffing on Al Green's Not Tonight? It includes the lyrics "Don't get on the train... I'm in love with you..."
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Not quite the same, but for what it's worth, there is a very similar couplet in the Wedding Present song Heather:
"And did you walk from the town into the heather
To where we used to lie down when we were together"

Could easily be a coincidence.
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Thanks for all your suggestions! The novel seems like it might be the closest, so I'm going to track a copy down. I am also intrigued by the Wedding Present idea, as The Frames do an amazing cover of their song Octopussy. Thanks all!
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