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Please help us to generate further ideas on how to mobilize people for an action day against the further use of nuclear energy

I work as a campaigner for an anti-nuclear organization in Germany.
On the 25th anniversary of the catastrophe of chernobyl, there‘ll be a national day of action with rallies and protests at various nuclear power plant sites across the country.

We want to mobilize as many people for this event and look for new ideas to achieve this goal.

So far we have basically always used the following campaigning instruments: local activists as multipliers, web 2.0 and internet advertising, newsletter, our own internet site, newspaper ads, posters and cinema spots.

We will do all of this again, but maybe you have an excellent additional and/or unusual idea to inform people about the event and make them to participate in it. We are grateful for any input by the hive mind.

A brief note: This shouldn‘t be a thread about the pros and cons of nuclear power. Thank you.
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Perhaps the lack of enthusiastic response here is telling by itself?
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So you're going to do some creative thing about Japanese situation right?

Have male and female volunteers dressed up as samurai and or gesha zombies and pass out flyers. Make a connection to the current crisis and make people really think. Pushing the limits considering its an ongoing crisis? Yes. Will it get you press and the attention of lots of people? Yes.

Be controversial and push the boundaries of what is politically correct. You'll make some people angry but you'll get more interest and more people talking.
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As I see it, this is two problems. First you have to identify those opposed to nuclear energy and then the hard part, getting them off their rear ends and do something!

I have to admit that as someone who is not opposed to nuclear energy in concept I do not know how to reach them as I do not hang in those circles. But I can suggest that once you identify them, the key to getting them mobilized is to appeal to their biggest fears in your adverts and make it easy for them to do whatever it is you want them to do. The harder it is for them to take appropriate action the less likely you are to get them to participate.
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Greenpeace is anti-nuc. Could you ask them to share or send an email to their membership list?
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This might be off target, but I am still shocked after reading an interview with a scientist who was ordered to do clean up in Chernobyl. One of the things that really disturbed me was the "Chernobyl Necklace". Maybe that could inspire some sort of symbol to help unite people.
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