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I really really like the sounds made by the Roland TB-303, what songs feature this synthesizer prominently?

A classic example is Phature's Acid Trax and I really like acid house but I'm not sure where to start. And not all acid house features the 303.

Bonus if you can find music where the 303 is used as originally intended (As a bass guitar stand in accompanied by an actual guitar)
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Best answer: Luke Vibert's YosepH is kind of a tribute to the genre that (IMO) focuses on the good parts, and Vibert's collaboration with pedal steel player BJ Cole, while pretty heavily electronic, combines Cole's playing with 303 goodness on a few tracks.
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Best answer: A lot of Aphex Twin should help you out, e.g. Analord, SAW 85-92, and early Rephlex releases (Universal Indicator).
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Best answer: The first two posts I have show as updates as I'm typing. Dammit.

More obscure then! Ceephax Acid Crew is a great nu-analog guy. Prelude in 303 Major is a good introduction to his sense of humor, although he's got some serious analog bangers out there too.
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Best answer: Untitled by Polygon Window (an alias for The Aphex Twin).

Luke Vibert Loves Acid He did a few albums that are really acidly recently - That track is from YosePh, then there's Lover's Acid and best, IMO, is Benefist (as the Ace of Clubs). It's very squeaky

Plastikman has a bunch of more minimal sounding acidy tracks.
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Best answer: gearslutz has a long thread on various tracks featuring the 303. If you can find a copy Innovation in the Dynamics of Acid (21st Century) by Universal Indicator is also really good.

matrixsynth has a post with some tracks using the 303 as intended. Until today I never knew that Let the music play by Shannon used the 303.
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Best answer: The first 303 track I heard that made me go 'Damn! What is that?' was Humanoid by Stakker.

Number two on that list would have to be Acperience 1 by Hardfloor. See their CD 'TB Resuscitation' for more acidic goodness.

Number three would be the aforementioned Plastikman, specifically the 'Sheet One' CD.

Then finally, a special prize for 'Higher States of Consciousness (Acid Funk Mix)' by Josh Wink for taking the 303 and turning it up to eleven.
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I agree with drwelby almost word for word, but also would recommend Hardfloor's Funalogue.
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Best answer: Tom Jenkinson's Chaos AD project is some sweet 303. (also, Ceephax is Tom's younger brother :))

My favorite track off that album is Generation Shit
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Damn, almost forgot 'Three Oh Three' by Public Energy and 'Ecsta-Deal' by Emmanuel Top.

And though Aphex Twin has been well mentioned already, his track 'Digeridoo' is worth looking at for some creative use of the 303.
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Pretty much anything by Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) or Prototype 909.
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Here's a short 303 audio documentary.

Higher State of Consciousness is probably the best 303 track, imo. (even though it uses a 202, instead).

Blood is Pumping is another good one.

There are literally thousands of acid records, though.
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Oh, and also -- if you have an iphone, get "Rebirth" from the app store -- it's a 303 (and 808) in your pocket.
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