Office Management Software for Dentists
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What are some of the most popular office management software suites for dentists?

A friend of mine is starting a dentist office. Since I am a web designer and somewhat techie, he has asked me to help get him set up with a website and some office management software.

I did a Google search and came up with tons of results, I'd like to use something that pretty standardized so that new employees won't have to learn a new system.

What are some of the most popular office management software suites that dentists use?

(Optional) It would be nice to have this software have the ability to tie in with a CRM on the website.
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Curve Dental is the only web-based package - you might want to check it out to make hardware costs easier on your friend. Not sure about CRM integration but you could call and ask.
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My wife's dad uses Easy Dental. It's a very small office so they just have one computer running everything. They don't run a website but I can't say for sure if the capability is there or not. I know the software can handle stuff like multiple client machines with a server. That's all I know about them, really
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My dentist uses some Kodak-branded package (probably one of the ones here) to manage all claim data, X-Rays, scheduling, and the like. I don't know that it has much in the way of web integration, though.
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Full disclaimer - this is a former employer: Carestream Dental. I supported one of their Orthodontic practice management products, but they have an entire section of the company devoted to Dentists. They are one of the biggest players in the market, which is both good and bad. Good in that they have a lot of knowledgeable people working there and are constantly working to keep their products up to date, and bad in that they are a huge company, and sometimes that doesn't always mean that the smaller practitioner is front and center in their company strategy.

I'm not sure if their products have in the way of web integration. When I worked there (4 years ago), they had a system with a company called TeleVox that was tied into the software and could do patient reminders and maybe populate some information on a web site, but all of that was still fairly new, and not really being offered for the legacy product I supported. There were other companies that offered a similar type of service, but I do not recall their names.

On preview - Carestream Dental purchased the Kodak branded packages that fifteen schnitzengruben is my limit is referring to. The purchase agreement allowed them to still market the software under the Kodak name for a certain number of years, if I recall correctly.
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IIAD. The big players in dental practice management software are Dentrix and Eaglesoft. With that said, there are many different softwares out there. Easy Dental is almost like Dentrix, as it was bought by Henry Schein, who owns Dentrix. I have found Dentrix to be very full-featured but bloated and slower. I currently use Open Dental, which is open platform and is FAST. I would use it again if given the choice.

If your friend is a specialist, you might want to look into specialty-directed softwares.

oh, and I believe Carestream owns Ortho Trac for orthodontists
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whoops. Meants to say IAAD.
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@choochoo - Carestream does indeed own Orthotrac. I spent 8 years supporting their UNIX based Orthtrac Classic software, starting when Orthotrac was a small privately held company. I believe their dental software came from PracticeWorks, which was bought by one of the several companies that Orthotrac passed through on our way to being a subsidiary of Kodak, and eventually Carestream.
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