How to view Telugu script in Firefox?
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How do I view Telugu in Firefox?

There doesn't seem to be a Telugu language pack and the Options>Advanced>Default Font doesn't help. I have Firefox 3.6.16 and OSX 10.6.6.
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Best answer: This isn't directly a Firefox issue, it's just installing the needed fonts. (If my understanding of OSX is correct.)

If there isn't a Telugu fontpack for OSX provided by Apple, you can download and install the free TTFs people have created. On my Debian computer, there's a ttf-telugu-fonts package, which looks rather nice. They get their fonts from Lohit Fonts Project, you'd want to download and unpack the .tar.gz files, I believe OS X can do that natively.

If that doesn't work, a quick Google search finds some effort by people to make it easier for Macs: telugu fonts mac, for example.
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Best answer: My Firefox loadout shows that "Gautami" is set as my default Telugu font, and it seems to render Wikipedia Telugu without error (using Windows XP). Gautami appears to be a commercial font, however.

Code2000 is a unicode font with Telugu support - try installing it and setting it as your default font in Firefox's settings. I'm not sure how fonts work in Mac though, so apologies if this isn't possible.

Agreed with skynxnex any way, there's nothing wrong with your Firefox. And here's a link to Telugu-localised Firefox 4 for OSX.
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Response by poster: Thanks! It worked. After downloading the fonts all I had to do was go into System Preferences>Language and Text>Edit List and add Telugu at the top of my language list.
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