Let me have light!
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Where can I buy this light fixture? (Or one similar to it.) It appears to be made of white plastic/vinyl - similar to what plastic file folders are made out of.
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Looks very similar to the IKEA Fillsta (available in a few different sizes).
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Ikea's Knappa is a bit same-y, and a bargain $30.
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I have that lamp (and variants) in home decor stores in my area (Northern California). If I get downtown today I'll wander into the ones where I expect I've seen them to check if it was in my town, or somewhere nearby.

And, yeah, I think when we saw them we thought "Oh cool, we should make that", and decided that we could go buy some white sheet styrene as our construction material.
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Best answer: I am positive I've seen that at Ikea, but no luck in searching. However, this very similar one is available and it's called a ZE light. Here is one on Ebay, or here is an Ebay store that seems to sell them.
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Best answer: It seems to be called the IQ Lamp, and is available in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.
It's currently for sale on both ebay and etsy and there's a larger array available at Bank St Framing

I hope that sheds some light on your problem.
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Best answer: The IKEA lights are close, but IQ lights are based on interlocking, identical shapes like the light in the picture. All you need is a template for the shape (I have one but can't seem to find it right now) and that site gives detailed instructions on how to assemble them into different three-dimensional forms. Looks like a cool DIY project that I'm going to try as soon as I get the right translucent plastic.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys - that helps a lot. Mrs. jferg and our soon-to-be remodeled bathroom thank you!
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Just to add - I saw some of those in Thailand in Kho Samet and spent the entire trip looking to find some to buy. I love them.
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