Is what I need a freelance manager, or something else?
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I'd like to outsource a fairly large, multi-person job. How do I do this, and what should I know first?

I've used and copify in the past to hire individuals, and been very happy with the results, but this is a much larger job, and I'm unsure how to proceed.

Essentially, I'm looking to have several hundred 'question sets' produced, each consisting of around 40 questions. The questions would be derived (though not plagiarized) from high-school level revision guides, which I would buy and send.

My plan for doing this was something like:

Hire a 'project manager' for something like 30% of the budget (or on commission?) and spend some hours on the phone with them, explaining exactly what is required.

Give them the remaining budget to hire freelancers/Mechanical Turks to create the actual questions, with the project manager's responsibility being primarily to explain to the many freelancers in question what exactly is required, and to edit and if necessary rewrite inadequate questions.

So I guess my questions are:
#1: Is this a sane plan?
#2: Where would I find such a person?
#3: If you have done this sort of thing, how did it go? Would you have any advice?
#4: How would you determine how much of the budget should go to the manager?
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With the summer break coming up, you could approach a local school or teachers' association to find someone to manage this work. I would think a teacher on summer break would be ideal for this job because they are in education, they would be able to edit the work well, and they usually oversee the work and writing of hundreds of (younger) people every day.

It seems logical to me that you would give the full sum of money to the manager, with suggestions of where to find others to help write the questions, without dictating the split.
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