Sync iPhone notes to Mac then delete from iPhone?
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Is there an easy way to sync all my iPhone notes to my macbook and then delete those notes from the iPhone alone? I want a system where I can easily keep transferring notes to my computer, and leave the iPhone note-free, or with only a few notes that I choose to keep on it, after each sync.
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A web-service-based note-taking tool like Evernote or Springpad might meet your decentralizing needs.
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A combo of Dropbox plus PlainText will do exactly what you're looking for, I think. PlainText stores everything in a specific folder within your Dropbox folder, and if you just move a file out of the PlainText folder into another on your Mac it disappears from the PlainText app on the phone.
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Best answer: I've been happy with Dropbox and PlainText as Devils Rancher recommended. I take notes on my laptop in a simple text editor, and those files are stored in my Dropbox folder. I can pull out my iPhone, go to the Dropbox app, and then open any of those .txt files in Plaintext and edit/forward them. It's pretty slick.

But if you want to keep using the notes app on your iPhone, you can do that. Notes get synced to Mail on a Mac. If you want to sync notes and then delete all the notes with a click or two of your mouse, this is how you do it:

Open iTunes, connect the iPhone, then click on the icon of the iPhone under DEVICES (on the left-hand side of iTunes).
Click on the INFO tab at the top of iTunes.
If there's not a check in the box for "sync notes", put a check there and click APPLY.
Once the sync is done and you've opened Mail to find the notes there, uncheck the "sync notes" box and you'll be prompted by a popup with two options: delete the notes from the phone or keep the notes. Choose to delete.

Rinse/repeat every time you want to move notes from the phone to the computer and delete all of them from the phone.
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I use Simplenote on my iPhone and Notational Velocity on my Mac. You can just delete the notes on your phone if you want. Easy and cheap!
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