Anyone remember the Suckerpunch?
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Anyone know that band, Suckerpunch? No, not them...

I'm looking for info, links, mp3s from a mid-90s, one cd, band called Suckerpunch. Google finds many, many bands of that name, none of which are correct.

The band I am thinking of consisted of three members, two male, one female. They played a sort of lounge-rock sounding music, sometimes reminding me a little of Fun Lovin' Criminals with a sleasy, gritty, martini lounge spin.

Little help?
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Did they ever play in San Jose, CA on north first street?
Did they have a video that they played behind them when they sang of clips from movies?
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Best answer: The awesome band Suckerpunch you describe is from Toronto, Canada. As far as I know they are no longer together any more. Think they broke up in the early 90's. However you might be able to get more info from some old Queen St. West types, or Parkdale peeps here on Mefi. I love them, good tunes for sure.........."Your so cool, like a lava lamp" lol
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Best answer: If it is indeed Toronto's own Suckerpunch, you can reach Christopher Dignan here or here, perhaps (he rather enjoys being an enigma, so that's iffy). Their lone CD is available online in a few places. And there are some articles/interviews/mp3s online for teh Googling. I see Christopher and Sean around from time to time, lurking or bartending around the West end. One or the other may be out and about this weekend for my husband's gig. Now I have to go dig up my own CD!
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Response by poster: It is! It is! thanks all!
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