Let's see what you can do, askme. Where can I buy the rose called "Picture?"
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Help me wow my dad. Where can I buy the hybrid tea rose named "Picture?"

My dad has fond memories of learning to garden in an old woman's rose garden in the Bay Area in the 1960s. He says her most beautiful rose was called "Picture," and she bought it for next to nothing at "a store called Safeway, which is like a Stop and Shop."* He has been looking for it for years.

Given that it bears such a generic name, it has been hard for me to track down. (And Safeway doesn't seem to be selling it anymore.) But I did find out a little bit about it: it was bred by Samuel Davidson McGredy III in 1932, it is light pink, and mild fragrance.

I cannot find it - to actually buy - anywhere, but I would love to surprise him if I can possibly manage it. Any suggestions?

*This I find funny, since I know perfectly well what a Safeway is, living in DC. But we're from Boston, and I guess there aren't Safeways in Boston.
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I can see where Googling would get you nowhere fast. Jackson & Perkins is a *major* U.S. distributor of roses. Maybe give them a call & see if they've heard of the variety: 1-800-292-4769 BONUS! They say they're open "anytime" on their website.
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I'd ask this question on Gardenweb's Rose Forum. I don't think it's still in mass production, but someone might be willing to send you a cutting.
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Every Rose has a database of rose varieties. Here's Picture. I suspect you know this already.
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For future reference, although it doesn't have great info on Picture, Dave's Garden is good for this sort of thing - they include, when they have them, links to sellers as well as people looking for or wanting to trade plants.

I will ask at work tomorrow about other rose sources.
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Hmmm. Well, you could get in touch with Sam McGredy (IV), perhaps through the New Zealand Rose Society? Looks like the McGredy dynasty moved from Ireland to New Zealand, and you could do worse than trying to get hold of the latest breeder in the family.
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Alternatively, contact one of the "consulting members" of the American Rose Society. Plant people are fairly friendly and I'm sure they'd love to help you find this rose for your dad.
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No expert at all here but my spouse is a big time rose aficionado, hybridizer and general brainiac about roses and, although she has never heard of a rose named "Picture," she did suggest you contact someone at the Texas A&M Rose Breeding and Genetics program.
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Contact Vintage Gardens and see whether this or this is what you want. (Though the first looks more promising than the second!) Via.
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(Sorry --first link, click Picture VID.)
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Best answer: Just a quick addition: if you contact an expert on this topic and you find out that "Picture" is no longer available, you might want to ask if they have any roses with "Picture" in their hybridization line. There are lots of roses that aren't really popular any more that have VERY available "offspring"-- I know it wouldn't be the same, but it might be better than nothing.
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Best answer: Hainsroses.com seems to have it listed on their bulletin sheet( pdf ) of roses they sell. They are located in Australia though. But they do have a number of links to other sites, possibly shipping to them. They also have an e-mail address. You could explain your situation to them.

If you are able to purchase one by whatever means, it might be a good idea to buy more than one. Roses are somewhat unpredictable ( both on the good side and the bad side) and it would be terrible to go to all that trouble and have it die in a year or two. Just a thought. I found two roses by the name you mentioned ( on other sites) , one is a tea rose, the other a climber. I think they are a lot alike in the flower part. Its a great gift if you can pull it off. Sounds like something I would have like to have done for my dad. Good luck !
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Response by poster: Texas A&M pointed me to helpmefind, where I found Vintage Gardens which sells this role. Thanks, all!
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