Can I create network for Ipad via macbook pro?
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I am in a WIFI-less internet environment at the moment and would like to connect using my Ipad. I am ablt to connect to the internet with my Macbook pro using ethernet. Is there a way I can create a network using my airport and then connect via Ipad through the network. Is there a VERY simple way to do this. I am not very knowlegable about networks
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In the airport menu, choose "create network..."
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Response by poster: I tried that. Did not seem to work. Thanks
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If you don't already have the AirPort menu enabled, you can also do this from Network in System Preferences: Turn AirPort on and under Network Name select Create Network...
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You created a network, gave it a name, and then connected to that network on the iPad? Were you not able to connect at all, or did you connect but you weren't able to get online?
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System Preferences > Sharing

Select (but don't tick) the Internet Sharing item, "Ethernet" in the "Share your connection from" menu, tick AirPort in the "To computers using" box. Tick the Internet Sharing box in the left hand list. You'll get a "are you sure you want to do this" warning, click "start", and then the shared wifi network should give you internet access.

(just making a network from the AirPort menu only works for computer to computer connections, it doesn't bridge to the internet)
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What russm said. I do this all the time.
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Response by poster: Russm, Thank you. Where do I find these options?
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in the System Preferences application - "System Preferences" under the apple menu, or the control panel icon with the gears in it from the dock...
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All you need to do is go into the sharing control panel, state that you want to share your ethernet connection via airport. Select "internet sharing" from the list, then follow the steps.
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see here...
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