LPCC Candidate Seeking Employment Websites
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I'm job hunting and looking for recommendations for non-profit listings other than Craigslist. If it matters, I'm located in California.

I'm an LPCC candidate with a Master's degree in Art Therapy and Counseling. LPCC is a new type of licensure in CA, state is taking forever to release intern applications. I'm currently working in a job which meets the requirements for art therapy licensure requirements, but not LPCC/clinical requirements. I have some experience and interest in working therapeutically with children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.
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Best answer: FlexJobs. Especially if you want to telecommute. It offers internship, volunteer and other positions up to and including executive management. Good Luck!
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Best answer: Have you looked at idealist.org?
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Seconding Houstonian. I've found my last two non-profit jobs on Idealist.org
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I, too, have found my last two nonprofit jobs on Idealist.org.
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Best answer: Americans for the Arts has a job bank.
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It doesn't hurt to send letters to places that may have a need for this position. Generally if your job search is specific enough for a limited opportunity you are better off being proactive than reactive.
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Best answer: Idealist is great. Also, check out the job listings at the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Opportunity Knocks, and the Foundation Center websites. The NYFA's listings are mostly ads for gallery staffing etc., but you might find something in there.
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I definitely know people who have had good luck with temping even as professionals with pretty significant amounts of experience. It could be a good option to hold you over while you wait for something you really want to do.
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Best answer: Even better than looking at job listings, go to relevant organization listings (on Idealist or wherever else) and hit up those organizations' websites. Frequently there will be jobs listed on the sites themselves that are more under-the-radar and don't make it out to job aggregators.
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