How should I waste a couple hours in Tampa?
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What's the most interesting thing I can do in a couple hours in Tampa, Florida?

I'm visiting Tampa very briefly for work. I just found out that my meetings tomorrow won't start until late morning; I am an early riser. So I have a few free hours - in the morning - and zero knowledge of what would be interesting to do in Tampa in that time.

I'm staying downtown, just across the river from the University of Tampa. Is it possible to go running along the river? Is there anywhere really awesome to have breakfast?
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You're half an hour from the Salvador Dali Museum.
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Best answer: How about Bayshore Boulevard? It isn't far from the UT, and is a popular place to run.
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Running? Bbbtt! check out Ybor City and it's hand-rolled cigar factories. Even if your not a cigar guy, 7th & 8th avenues are great for visiting. King Corona Cigar Cafe (what else?) for breakfast.
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Best answer: First Watch is pretty good for some brunch/breakfast.
Cafe Hey is pretty cool. I think they're open pretty early. great coffee and they serve some breakfast items.

Running... Tampa River Walk.
I know Lettuce Park and Bayshore are places but not exactly near downtown.

As for what to do... with just a couple of hours in the morning downtown... hmmm... In my 10 years of living there, I rarely visited downtown except to go to the aquarium, Tampa Bay History Center (doesn't open until 10am) and see some shows. When I attended seminars in hotels there, I basically just walked around.

I guess ybor isn't that far away. You could just walk around. It's more of a night spot and I'm not sure if much is open during the early morning. But there's some interesting shops/buildings. the Ybor State Museum is there, too. But it opens at 9am.
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Best answer: Eat breakfast at The Brunchery! Seconding Bayshore Boulevard as the best place to go running, but also check out Run Tampa for routes and other points of interest.

If you end up with any free time in the evening, check out the Tampa Theatre - it's an absolutely gorgeous historic movie palace, or do check out Ybor City, our Latin Quarter. If you're into great architecture, head over there in the morning and wander around.
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Best answer: The Henry B Plant Museum, at the University of Tampa, is a great way to spend a few hours.
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Response by poster: Thanks, strangers on the internet. You made my day. And Bayshore Boulevard is not only the world's longest sidewalk, it has monkey bars!
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